BattleTabs: PvP Community, a turn-based competitive strategy title opens up for pre-registrations

Embrace the adventures!

BattleTabs: PvP Community is a new strategy title brought to you by Gangbusters Ltd. The game, BattleTabs: PvP Community has now opened up the Pre-registrations for both Android and iOS Globally, the game is available via the official stores.

BattleTabs: PvP Community offers a turn-based and competitive strategy gaming experience

BattleTabs: PvP Community offers a turn-based and competitive strategy gaming experience for you to master and enjoy. The game features a plethora of PvP battles each having its strategy and approaches to master. You can compete in short battles for intense action or take it easy and play long battles with 24-hour turn times. Each type of battle has its strategies and one strategy does not fit all scenarios.

The game revolves around your fleet of battleships and it’s your responsibility as the chief to not only gather around your battleships in the game but also to see out the attacks in the battle and make sure your fleet sinks the enemy fleets.

BattleTabs: PvP Community Pre-registrations, BattleTabs: PvP Community
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There are different tier systems in the game as well based on your performance you can ascend to the diamond tier. There are different ways of making your battleships more stronger, you can power up your fleet tactics with unique attack abilities like sonar and reveal.

You can make your ships not only stronger but also more decorative by using the different sets of cosmetics and skins available in the game. These skins can allow you to stand out on the battlefield and represent your forces well. There are different skins in the game, like Vikings, pirates, and sea monsters to add extra personality to your fleets. The main onus lies in the strategies however and they are the hidden key to success in the game.

The game is now available for pre-registrations globally

The game, BattleTabs: PvP Community is now available for pre-registrations globally. If you are interested in the game, be sure to register via Google Play and the Apple Stores.

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