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Black Clover M gets a soft launch for Android and iOS in Canada

A tactical turn-based RPG!

Black Clover M, the mobile game adaption of the popular anime series titled Black Clover is now available as a soft launch for both Android and iOS devices in Canada. The game is developed by Vic Games Studios and was published by Garena. It was announced back in 2021 and was initially slated for release in 2022, but was later delayed to release in the first half of 2023 due to unforeseen circumstances.

Experience thrilling fast-paced combat in Black Clover M

Black Clover M is a turn-based RPG title with fast-paced team combat mechanics. The game is set in a world that was at the edge of being destroyed by the demons but was saved by a mage who would popularly be known as ‘Wizard King.’ A few years later, the world is again on the brink of crisis and darkness, and Asta, a youngster born without magic, who looks to become the Wizard King, hopes to show his talents and keep his promise to his friends.

Black Clover Mobile soft launch
Image via Garena

The game takes players to a world brimming with magical wonders and formidable challenges. The game has a gripping storyline where players will be able to summon their favorite characters, make their magic knight squad, and experience turn-based strategy gameplay in their journey to become the wizard king. The game brings amazing 3D visuals and models in both combats and visual stories.

Players can obtain amazing mage characters. Each character in the game has unique animations with mages having distinct roles and abilities to play for character formations. Players can form amazing link-up moves with the characters in the Magic Knight Squad for thrilling battle visuals. You can also be joined by original black clover characters. Engage with them, use them in battles form a bond with the Bond System, and obtain upgrade items to strengthen your characters.

Engage in numerous in-game challenges for exciting PvP battles

The game features various in-game challenges such as Quests, Raid, Memory Hall and so much more for the PvP experience. Players can also build their guild and compete in Squad Battle with other players for an additional thrill of battles. The magic kingdom is full of hidden gems and items. You can gather resources with Patrol Stages and engage in relaxing activities such as fishing and cooking.

The game also features the original star-studded anime voice actor cast for the Japanese voice acting. Black Clover M is currently available as a soft launch in Canada for Android and iOS devices. Interested fans and players can visit the official website, Twitter, and Facebook handles for more information on the game.

What are your thoughts as Black Clover M gets a soft launch in Canada? Do let us know in the comments below!

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