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Black Desert Mobile introduces new ‘Askeia’ Class with exciting new features

Askeia embodies a fiery spirit and a calculated fist

Black Desert Mobile welcomes a new martial artist class, Askeia, renowned for her fiery spirit and tactical prowess. Unlike the Mystic class, which draws power from the Azure Dragon, Askeia harnesses her own martial arts mastery, introducing a unique combat style that relies on rapid, precision strikes to subdue her foes.

Master Askeia’s Powerful Martial Arts in Black Desert Mobile

Askeia makes a formidable addition to the Black Desert Mobile roster, wielding the explosive Blast gauntlet and the defensive Martial Vambrace to devastating effect. From the onset, she possesses four active skills, which expand as she progresses, enhancing her ability to execute swift and crushing combos. Players advancing Askeia to level 10 are rewarded with the “Banha’s Tears” title, signifying their mastery and dedication.

Askeia’s Key Combat Abilities

Askeia’s combat strategy revolves around a blend of agility and strength. Her key skills include:

  • Martial Spirit: This passive skill boosts Askeia’s damage output and defensive capabilities, providing damage reduction and grab immunity when her MP is high, and aiding in HP recovery during battles.
  • Shadow Step: Ideal for quick positioning and dodging, this skill allows Askeia to swiftly close in on enemies or evade their attacks.
  • Deathstrike: A counterattack move where Askeia steps back to evade an enemy strike, then quickly counters with a palm strike that launches her adversary into the air.
  • Fist of True Strength: With this skill, Askeia delivers a series of powerful punches while moving rapidly, applying protective armor states even in competitive arenas, which helps her stun enemies and chain further attacks.

As players progress, they can unlock succession skills like “Dragon Punch” and “Fury Dive,” enhancing Askeia’s martial arts prowess and allowing for more complex and powerful combinations. The introduction of Askeia to Black Desert Mobile not only expands the game’s dynamic character roster but also offers players a fresh and exhilarating way to experience the game’s rich combat system.

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