Blitz Football Manager by Sideline Labs is now available in UK and Europe

Build and manage your own Football franchise!

The American Football game, Blitz Football Manager, has been released by Sideline Labs, a mobile game developer that specializes in sports management games. Players can utilize the gridiron‘s power to establish, grow, and develop your very own American Football franchise for a novel, innovative approach to the game.

Watch the Match unfold and access deep, real-time statistics in Blitz Football Manager

Blitz Football Manager released
Image via Sideline Labs

Players of Blitz Football Manager’s live game simulator can not only watch the action as it happens but also access rich, real-time statistics to help them make better tactical choices. Players have complete control over their pocket franchise thanks to a brand-new, epic draught concept, positional depth charts, player and staff development through training, upgradeable facilities, and more!

The game comes with exciting competitive league, tournaments, and other amazing features

In addition, Blitz Football Manager features a deep meta-game based on player-and-play card collections, a social league, exciting competitive leagues, and tournaments. Some of the other features include:

  • Build team and playbook by collecting player and playbook cards from card packs.
  • For more variety in the game, consider league, social, and challenge tournaments.
  • You can participate in daily and weekly challenges to win awesome rewards.
  • Develop team of players into a force, ready to destroy the opposition, by drafting, collecting, trading, and developing them.
  • Add and subtract players from the roster to assemble dynamic starting lineups that are prepared to face the opposition.
  • Bring in players through free agency to quickly improve the team or give the squad depth.
  • Improve team’s facilities to unlock the full potential of scouting, training, stadium, and revenue.
  • To maximize potential and produce the ideal hall of Famer, micromanage your players and pinpoint crucial training methods.
  • Set lineup and strategy, then pick up and play. Players can check the outcome later or watch the game live.
  • Players can be bought and sold in a live market for game currency.
  • Unparalleled community support is provided both in-game and on the game’s social media platforms to foster a rich community atmosphere.
  • Live, detailed in-game statistics put you in charge of your team’s pre and post-game tactics.
  • The divide between new sports fans and seasoned players can be closed with the aid of clear and understandable design. And a whole lot more!

Blitz Football Manager is currently available in the UK and Europe via the Google Play Store or App Store, with a global release coming soon.

Are you excited as Sideline Labs has released Blitz Football Manager in UK and Europe? Let us know in the comment section below!

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