Boom Beach Frontlines October 2022 Update: New Cards, Balance Changes and more

Three new cards in BBFL!

With the upcoming October 2022 Update of Boom Beach: Frontlines coming into the game, players will see a number of new cards, a number of balance changes, and more! The October 2022 Update in Boom Beach Frontlines, will be the 0.10.0 Update of the game. Let us break down the October 2022 Update in detail.

Boom Beach Frontlines October 2022 Update: New Cards

The developers have increased the maximum player level from 56 to 60. There are new islands to discover, new cards to hunt for, and new islands to acquire!

Laser Tank

Image via Space Ape Games

As with Laser Tank and Laser Ranger, Laser Ray is an Epic Defense that deals straight-line damage to all foes, while extending its range as it shoots. This is similar to a hot knife slicing through butter. However, their enemies are the butter and the hot knife is a laser.

Critter Pods

Upon touching down, Critter Pods, a Rare Power-up, unleash two damaging rockets before spawning a swarm of Critters that charge any enemy foolish enough to be nearby.

Critter Launcher

Critter Launcher
Image via Space Ape Games

Critter Launcher is a common defense, which launches tiny robotic Critters in the direction of the adversaries! Even though they are small, these Critters are very distracting and, if not controlled, they may cause a significant deal of harm.

Boom Beach Frontlines October 2022 Update: Improvements, Changes, and Balance Changes


  • Mission rewards should now feature Boxes instead of Piggy Banks.
  • Performance improvements should make battle load times faster.
  • The size of the initial asset has been reduced after downloading and installing the game.

Balance Changes

  • Rumble Bay and No Man’s Land maps will now have four available vehicles.
  • The boost effect, after spawning, is increased to 5 seconds.
  • Level 11 bots, now only, appear to players above Level 58. The developers have lowered the average level of bots in matches.
  • Flamer and Scorcher no longer slow down when firing.

That’s all for the October 2022 Update in detail.

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