Boom Beach: Frontlines to permanently shut down from January 2023

Servers for the game will go down in January!

In some very unfortunate news, it has been officially announced that Boom Beach: Frontlines, a 9v9 strategy title, is being shut down. The game has been in development for quite a while now with a soft launch across multiple regions kicking off in October last year, from where the game has come a long way. Developed as a result of a collaboration between SpaceApe and Supercell, the game expanded upon the Boom Beach universe.

The game will be delisted from app stores this month

The team working on the title broke the news with an official tweet, along with a Reddit post, detailing the process. According to the post, the shutdown process has already started as the game has gone on a maintenance break to disable in-app purchases and notifications. Post that, the game is set to go off the Play Store, App Store, and TestFlight on the 29th of this month. 

Finally, on the 16th of January, 2023, the game’s servers will be shut down, sending the game into darkness forever. For those wondering why, the Reddit post says Even with all our efforts over the past year – introducing major features, redesigning progression, balancing the core gameplay, and much more – we felt that Boom Beach: Frontlines was still not reaching the expectations we had set for it.”

This is really saddening for the community the game has fostered so far. Also, its connection to Supercell is the root of quite a bit of discourse as Supercell has also shut down two of their titles quite far into development: Everdale and Clash Quest, quoting similar reasons for their decisions. That being said, those still playing the game, should refer to the post for info on transferring gems and then get as much time with it as they can before it goes away forever. 

What are your thoughts as Supercell announces shut down of Boom Beach: Frontlines? Do let us know in the comment section below!

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Space ape developers, we know you are shutting down the game now, but please promise to us that you will continue the game in the future and give us our accounts back with the same thrill and enjoyment we had those golden days. Thanks for the wonderful game.

Paul R. Lewis

For the past several years, since SuperCell has been acquired, the new direction they’ve taken it has absolutely destroyed the integrity of the game. The hard cores that invested the most do not like the ridiculous weekly overpowered weapons that don’t help the game integrity or challenge, it bypasses it. What’s the use now? Some little twerp who can’t possibly take your base on his own can now steal it without trying. I’ve lost interest and want to punch the devs in the face. I wasted so much on this in the beginning and now it’s worthless, shutting down.

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