Brawl Stars #100StarrDrops Community Event: How to get 100 Random Starr Drops for free

Starr Drops, but rare!

In Brawl Stars, obtaining free rewards is fun and the most amazing experience of the game, and now, the developers have brought in a new community event that’s going to blow your mind off. In this mega event, you will need to join hands with other players to complete the #100StarrDrops Community Event that guarantees you a whopping 100 Free Starr Drops to your Brawl Stars account. Well, time is ticking already so let me explain!

Brawl Stars #100StarrDrops Community Event Overview

Well, starting things off, this is named the biggest Community Event that is hitting the game by the developers themselves, and guess what it actually might be true. This event is pretty simple. Instead of brawling with each other, you need to join hands, not literally. You do so to collect Rare Starr Drops.

Sounds pretty simple right? Nah, it isn’t. You need to collect a mammoth 1.5 Billion Rare Starr Drops! Let me remind you again, not you alone. We need to work as a community and then get these done. We have time till March 25th, 2024, to make this happen, so let’s get to it! Wait, before you leave, let me tell you what’s at stakes so you know what we are aiming for.

Brawl Stars #100StarrDrops Community Event Rewards

The distribution of rewards is on the basis of milestones we will achieve.

Milestone ReachedRewards Earned
Event StartDaily Login Calendar with Rare Starr Drops
300 MillionDouble Daily Starr Drops
600 Million1 Random Starr Drop
900 Million3 Random Starr Drops
1.2 Billion5 Random Starr Drops
1.5 Billion100 Random Starr Drops

As you see from the table, even if we don’t get to 1.5 Billion Rare Starr Drops, we will be earning our rewards share for the progress we made. As we hit each milestone in the event, you’ll see the Starr Drop rewards pop up in the Shop. But notice that even if we hit 1.2 Billion, we are only getting 5, so this should motivate us better!

How to get free 100 Random Starr Drops in Brawl Stars

Well, to participate, it is enough to open your account. But remember, to claim these rewards, you need at least 400 Trophies in your account. Wait, there’s more. When we reach the final milestone and everyone gets their 100 Random Starr Drops, the top 100 players with the Rare Starr Drops will win the Mega Prize of 100 LEGENDARY STARR DROPS!

Rare Drop
Image via Supercell

The devs have also confirmed that the 100 Legendary Drops will make its entry to the shop on March 26, 2024, once the event concludes. Ready to desperately wish for Rare Starr Drops to pop up in the game? I will be too!

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