Brawl Stars April 2023 Brawl Talk (Rumble Jungle Update): New brawlers, Bling Currency, and more

New update to replace the general currency of the game!

With the current April 2023 Brawl Talk, players will see a trio of Brawlers completed in Brawl Stars as the Rumble Jungle update arrives. Along with new skins, a new currency named Bling has been introduced in the game, which will replace Star Points. This will be used to purchase different items of the game. Let us break down the April 2023 Brawl Talk in Brawl Stars in detail.

Brawl Stars April 2023 Brawl Talk: New Brawlers

In this section of the April 2023 Brawl Talk, we will talk about the new brawlers which are introduced in Brawl Stars with the Rumble Jungle update.

New Chromatic Brawler: Maisie

Image via Supercell

Maisie is our new brawler for the season, which is entering the Rumble Jungle this season. Maisie is a safety assistant at the Starr Theatre.

  • She is in Trio with Fang and Buster.
  • Main attack: Single projectile that begins slowly but accelerates. It has long-range, medium-damage, and medium-sized projectiles.
  • Super: Maisie is shooting the ground and creates a shockwave for her Super, dealing damage and knocking back other Brawlers around her. It’s quite powerful and it doesn’t get activated immediately.

Her Brawl Pass Skin is Jungle Queen Maisie, in which she changes her metal arm to a Golden Snake. She will also be released with a 29-gem Skin called Tech Maisie.

New Epic Brawler: Hank

Hank is a shrimp extraordinaire and fish tank Commander Supreme, who is inducted into the list of Epic Brawlers in the game.

Image via Supercell
  • He is in a trio with Otis.
  • Main attack: His Balloon attack increases and gets stronger the longer that it gets charged. The max charge is 3 seconds, and he requires some time to recharge his attack
  • Super: A school of fish torpedoes that launch all around him that will keep going straight until they hit an enemy or a wall.

His 29-gem skin which is coming with this update is Shark Tank Hank.

Brawl Stars April 2023 Brawl Talk: New skins in Rumble Jungle update

Lot of different-themed skins will be released in the game during June 2023.

rumble jungle heroes skins
Image via Supercell

Rumble Jungle skins

  • Bananas Colt
  • Leopard Max/Panther Max
  • Crocodile Buster
  • Jaguar Spirit Meg

Legends of Olympus

  • Cerberus Tick
  • Ares Nani
  • Zeus Brock

29-gem skins

  • Goblin Carl
  • Leon The Stray
  • Blackbird Edgar

Brawl Stars April 2023 Brawl Talk: Bling Currency in Rumble Jungle update

With the upcoming update, Star Points in the game will be replaced by Bling currency.

Brawl Stars April 2023 Brawl Talk Bling
Image via Supercell
  • Players can buy Bling to buy most skins, pins, sprays and profile icons.
  • Earn Bling in a manner similar to Star Points, but the weight has been heavily changed.
  • Bling Rewards replace the first and tenth tiers on the Brawl Pass track, and pins are no longer at the end of the free tier of the Brawl Pass, replaced with gold.
  • Accumulated Star Points will be converted to Bling at the beginning of the update!

Depending on how active people are in Brawl Stars, players will be able to purchase around 8 Skins worth 149 Gems, per year. If one purchases the Brawl Pass every season, this number goes up. One can also use Bling to discount Skins, since, they can always top off a Bling purchase with Gems.

In the Brawl Pass, we have replaced the Tier 1 Skin and the Pin Pack on the premium track with Bling. On the free track, developers have replaced the final Pin pack with Coins.

Collections Feature in Shop and Catalogue

  • Bling can be used to discount buying skins with gems
  • In the catalog, players can buy most items, which are pins, sprays, icons, and skins that have already been released.
  • Please note that Seasonal, Special Event, Exclusive Cosmetics, Mythic, and Legendary Skins are not available for Bling.
  • For the most part, Brawlers won’t be available to purchase with Bling for 2 weeks after their release and will be gems only. This is all but one exception, where there will no longer be a Tier 1 Brawl Pass skin, the team decided they will make an exception to the gems that only purchase at least one skin per season. This season, they can purchase Leopard Max with Bling on Day 1 of the new BP Season.
  • Most old Star Point skins are available now for Gems or Bling.

Brawl Stars Rumble Jungle Update: Trophy Reset Change, Power League Update and more

Trophy Reset change

  • The trophy season is reduced to two weeks.
  • Only the top 20 Brawlers with over 500 trophies get reset.
  • Bling rewards that replaced Star Points will only be redeemed on the top 20 Brawlers.

Power League Update

  • Reaching a new Power League rank rewards players immediately.
  • The season reset for Power League has been increased.

Bounty Update

There is a new secondary win condition, which says that the first team to get 20 points, does win.

Return of Volley Brawl

Based on votes, it returns for now replacing Basket Brawl in the community slot, and will alternate with Duels.

Brawl Stars April 2023 Brawl Talk: Highlights, Showdown Modifier adn more

Highlights: New addition

  • Game Highlight of plays has been added to the end of 3×3 matches.
  • Stats are added to the end screen highlighting kills, deaths, etc
  • You can give kudos (thumbs up) to other players.
  • Underdog Status only shows at end of the match now, no trophies will be lost if you lose.
  • Star Player is defined differently now. Losing teams will more frequently have a Star Player. If you get Star Player on a losing team, you still get points towards Mastery.

New Showdown Modifier

  • A new modifier/variation is added known as Ultimate Showdown.
  • Removes passive health regeneration, must eat hot dogs which will heal you
  • The goal is to make the lives of teamers a bit more difficult.

That’s all for the latest Brawl Talk (and Rumble Jungle Update), which was held on 22nd of April, 2023.

What are your thoughts about March 2023 Brawl Talk in Brawl Stars? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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