Brawl Stars: Fans outrage over the shop glitch

The devs have said that this offer was not intended!

Brawl Stars, the fast-paced 3v3 shooter by the Finnish developer Supercell is currently facing issues, post a shop glitch in the pricing of an offer, that was released in-game on the 22nd of January, 2022. This shop glitch has caused a large amount of negativity from the community with thousands of Reddit and Twitter posts.

The developers have apologised for such a problem and said that the problem will take some time to get solved. They have also said that such problems from their side are highly unacceptable and such incidents come as a great lesson.

Brawl Stars shop glitch: Issue which have left the fans infuriated

The offer in question rewarded players with 300 coins and a whopping 140 Mega boxes for US $2, which normally costs over $550. What triggered the fans more, is that the offer glitch comes three months after the release of two new power levels and gears, which have been resource-intensive for players.

Getting months worth of progress for such a meagre price angered those who missed it. The agitated fans showed their displeasure on Reddit and Twitter, while some players have even resorted to giving 1-star ratings on Google Play Store and the App Store.

Supercell’s response

Despite, the reaction from Paula, the community manager via Twitter, the controversy did not die down. Both categories of f2p and players who spend money on the game felt cheated. Frank, the Game Lead for Brawl Stars further explained how many bought the offer, how players will be affected. He additionally pointed out, what Brawl Stars will do to address the situation. 

Brawl Stars shop glitch
Percentage of people who bought the offer ( Image via Frank’s Twitter)

Acknowledging the mistake, Frank said the offer which was live for nearly thirty minutes was never meant to have happened. A human mistake led to the problem, but the validation system also failed, which allowed the offer to go live. Moving forward, The dev team aims to work on the content validation system to detect mistakes, if they happen in the future.

How will the shop glitch affect the players

Frank has added that rolling back the offer was never an option. He explained that it would have affected more players negatively, as compared to the current situation.

All progress rolled back means if you got a Legendary in a box, well – it’s gone and there’s no guarantee it’ll drop again. Won a Club League match which got you promoted? Not there anymore. You might also not have time for another match. Bought an in-game purchase?

Frank, the Game Lead for Brawl Stars

The offers were bought by a minuscule 0.2 per cent of players, most of whom belong to Asia and Europe. Translating this to an in-game number in 1000 showdown matches. Approximately, 23 out of 9,000 enemies would be players who have purchased the glitched offer in Brawl Stars.

What are your thoughts on the new shop glitch on Brawl Stars? Let us know in the comment section below!

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