Brawl Stars October 2021 Brawl Talk: Brawl-O-Ween update, New chromatic brawler, new modifier, and more

Season 9 brings a new brawler and a Halloween event

Brawl Stars announced the latest season of Brawl Pass “Brawlywood” in the latest episode of Brawl Talk for October 2021. In Season 9, Brawl Stars have brought a new chromatic brawler, following the previous season as well with a new modifier for the in-game Halloween event Brawl-o-ween, and new skins. The ninth season of Brawl Talk also saw Ryan, Dani, Paula, and Frank dressing up in various costumes to welcome players to Brawlywood. In this Brawl Stars article, we will look at all the announcements for the upcoming season 9.

Brawl Stars Season 9: Brawlywood

The new season is titled “Brawlywood” and it introduces the players to a new environment. The update has been themed around a Brawlified version of the cinema and film industry. The centre of attraction of Brawlywood is the superstar Lola. Players will also have access to some new skins that are based on the Brawlywood theme. 

New Chromatic Brawler: Lola

Brawl Stars October 2021 Brawl Talk
Lola in Brawl Stars

Lola is the new chromatic brawler. The self-obsessed movie star is a high damaging ranged attacker. Her obsession has made her wicked and she will do anything to remain in the spotlight. Her attack pattern is similar to Max which makes it difficult to land all projectiles at the max range but up-close she can land all projectiles with ease. 

Her narcissistic nature is shown in her super. On using her super, she spawns her clone which mimics her attack and movement pattern making it a unique super that would require players to get used to before getting maximum damage out of it. Lola will be a part of the Brawl Pass and like the previous seasons will be unlocked at Tier 30.

New Modifier and Showdown Plus

To celebrate Halloween, players will be getting a new modifier that will make all brawlers invisible for 7 seconds, every 7 seconds. The modifier will be available on all game modes.

Frank, the game lead for Brawl Stars confirmed in a tweet that Showdown Plus will remain in-game for the October update so fans of the game mode need not worry about their favourite game mode going out of rotation.

Brawl Stars October 2021 Brawl Talk: New skins and Jessie Remodel

Eleven new skins will be introduced with the update. While seven are based on the fairy theme, four are inspired by the Brawl-o-Ween. Jessie will also be getting a remodel to have smoother and better facial, attack animations.

The upcoming skins are:

  • B-800 (Brawl Pass exclusive – Tier 1)
  • Chola (Brawl Pass exclusive – Tier 70)
  • Surge Kong 
  • Captain Crow
  • Squeakbuster Gale
  • Director Buzz ( Power League Skin)
  • Cat Burglar Jessie
  • Cat Burglar Jessie will be available for free while interacting during the Brawl Stars World Finals and for those who miss out her during that time can buy it in shop in 2022. Players will need to watch the world finals and predict the winners to gain points in order to unlock the skin. Further information will be shared on a later date.
  • Swamp Gene
  • Ghost Squeak
  • Headless Rider Stu
  • Count Pengula
Brawl Stars October 2021 Brawl Talk
Image via RadicalRosh

We are also getting new true silver and true gold skins for Collete, Bibi, Dynamike, Carl, and Amber. Players can also expect a rerun of old Brawl-o-Ween skins like Piper Calavera, Witch Shelly, Werewolf Leon.

Club Update 

The club improvement features and the clan war-like feature will not be coming with this update as the developers have decided to delay it by one month. Further information about the mechanics and release date will be communicated on Brawl Stars social media handles throughout the next month. Therefore, one must stay tuned for the much-awaited update.

The next Brawl talk will be released next month as announced by Paula at the end of the Brawl Talk.

What are your thoughts on the Brawl Stars October 2021 Brawl Talk? Make sure to comment below!

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