Brawl Stars September 2021 Brawl Talk: New legendary brawler, new skins, balance changes and more.

Updates include a new Legendary Brawler, new skins and animated pins, and improvements for clubs

Brawl Stars showcased the Brawl Talk for September 2021, which is a mid-season update for Season 8 of Brawl Pass. The update introduces players to a new legendary Brawler, new skins and also marks the return of the Retropolis environment. In this article, we will look at all the announcements for the upcoming season.

Brawl Talk September 2021: What’s new

New Legendary Brawler – Meg

The latest addition to the long list of brawlers in Starr Park is Meg. Meg, a vending machine repair person completes the superhero trio and joins Max, Surge. She has an interesting mechanic where she is a weak brawler at first but after she uses her super she turns herself into a devastating machine.

In her normal avatar, Meg has low HP and a long-range attack which deals very little damage while shooting 2 projectiles. In her mech phase, she shoots 8 projectiles instead of 2 and loses HP over time. When Meg enters into the mech phase her super now does a slashing attack similar to Bibi’s normal attack for insane damage but in this phase, her super charges automatically and does not charge on hitting shots.

Meg on losing all her HP in her mech phase goes into her normal avatar meaning to kill her players will need to kill her in mech phase and then her normal phase.

New skins and more animated pins 

The Brawl Talk September 2021 update, being a mid-season one, brings only 2 new skins – Gladiator Colette and V8-Bit

Gladiator Colette was the Supercell Make winner and makes her way into Brawl Stars this season. Meanwhile, V8-Bit is a rendition of 8-Bit in the Retropolis clothing scheme.

Brawl Talk September 2021
Gladiator Colette

V8-Bit will be unlockable for free during the Retropolis challenge coming in October.

Retropolis skins make a return and players who possess all the skins will get exclusive pins for all the skins. The Retropolis skins include :

  • V8-Bit
  • Hot Rod Brock
  • Road Rage Carl
  • Rockabilly Mortis
  • Bakesale Barley
Brawl Talk September 2021

We are also getting new true silver and true gold skins for Pam, Max, Poco, Brock, and 8-Bit. Animated Pins for more brawlers will be released with the update along with an exclusive pin for Dark Lord Spike.

Brawl Talk September 2021: Improvements for Clubs

The size of clubs is going to be decreased from 100 to 30 in the coming update, which is aimed at adding a new way to play the game as suggested by Paula. This could mean a potential Clan Wars-like system similar to Clash of Clans

The features will be aimed at a better club experience and more integrated features and demand the club members to be active to be the best club among all.

Quality of Life Changes

Evil Pam released in the previous updates is set to get new voice lines. The update introduces a skin randomizer to the brawler selection screen and brings refinements to the skin selection section.

Players will now be able to send pins in club chat and also there are going to be improvements when trying to find teammates to play with.

Balance Changes  


Attack Damage decreased by 5% down to 1160 from 1220 (at base level).

Rocket Fuel gadgets will now do the same damage as normal attack.

Main attack range decreased by 1 tile and the explosion radius increased by 50%.


Main attack damage has been reduced from 1100 to 1040 (at base level).

Bounce damage has been decreased from 550 to 520


The delay on super activation has been removed.

The delay between super animations and the attack after activating the super has been decreased.


Heat Ejector gadgets fire now follows the next main attack instead of following Carl’s trail.

30 September Maintenance Balance changes


  • Health Points decreased from 5000 to 4600
  • Damaged decreased from 1280 to 1160
  • Hardy Hat: Reduced damaged has been increased from 10 to 15%


  • Super is lost if Meg is defeated while activating it
  • Ammo reduced to 0 after the Mecha is destroyed
  • Health points start regenerating slower after exiting the Mecha

What are your thoughts about the Brawl Talk updates of September 2021? Make sure to comment below!

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