Brawl Stars Season 2 Update is bringing new brawler, game modes and more

Brawl Stars season 2 “Summer of Monsters” starts on July 6th which will last for 10 weeks. And with this new update, all-new Brawl Pass, Brawler, game mode, gadgets, and many more things will be arriving. So, in this article, we’ll discuss the Brawl Stars season 2 update in details.

New Brawler – Surge

Surge is season two’s chromatic brawler. His main attack splits off into two projectiles upon hitting an enemy with each projectile dealing half the damage of the initial shot. Surge’s super allows him to upgrade in three stages. The first stage increases his movement speed, the second stage increases his range, and the third stage increases the number of projectiles split from two to six. His star power will allow his main attack to split whether it hits an enemy or not and his gadget allows him to teleport up to four tiles in the direction he is facing.

brawl stars surge, surge in brawl stars, brawl stars season 2 update

We are hoping that Surge will be a mid-tier brawler who is viable for high skill players in game modes such as Gem Grab and Hot Zone. His super will take a while to get charged up and once it is it will be crucial to stay alive so as to not reset his upgrades. Although his attack is similar to Gene’s, I don’t think that he will take the place of Gene, as Gene is one of the best Brawlers in Gem Grab, and it’s hard to say right now if he will find a spot in pro player’s compositions.

New Game Mode – Super City Rampage

The new game mode consists of three brawlers trying to stop a boss from destroying a city in under two minutes.

brawl stars super city rampage, brawl stars season 2 update

This game mode will be just as fun as Boss Fight, which in my opinion gets pretty repetitive and boring after your first time playing it. However, if you are looking for a casual play that doesn’t affect your trophy count, this game mode will be perfect for you

New Gadgets

In the latest Brawl Talk, new gadgets were shown for some of the brawlers. Shelly had long range, El Primo had some sort of meteor crash down in front of him, and Piper had a bending shot to name a few.

My thoughts on the addition of a second gadget are this: while I love the introduction of new material that keeps the game fresh and exciting, I don’t want to see such a saturated mess of options to choose from, thus pushing more and more brawlers to the point of being obsolete. However, if you want to read our Gadgets Tier list, feel free to check it out here.

Introduction of ‘True Gold Skins’ and ‘True Silver Skins’

true gold skins in brawl stars

For the gold rich players Supercell is finally bringing something interesting. Players can buy ‘True Silver Skins’ with 10,000 gold and ‘True Gold Skins’ with 25,000 gold. But to get the gold skin, players need to buy the silver skins first.

More Pins and Trophy road extension up to 50,000

More pins are being introduced in the game. And this is certainly a good news for the pin collectors.

brawl stars max trophies, brawl stars season 2 update

Not only that, one of the best feature of this Brawl Stars season 2 update is the extension of trophy road. Starting from July 6, players can have maximum 50,000 trophies!

Final thoughts

From the recent Brawl Talk, we can guess that the new season will be good (for the most part). The skins look awesome, the new brawler looks fun to play, and the gadgets look interesting. I do worry, however, that if Supercell continues to add more and more brawlers and abilities to the game, more and more brawlers will cease to be a viable option to play.

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Brenna Farrell

wow!! i’m super excited for the new brawler!!!

Chad Schuster

Me too! Should be fun to play!

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