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Call of Duty Mobile: Google Login is arriving soon in the game

With time passing by, Call of Duty Mobile is gaining popularity all over the world. The Call of Duty brought the historic franchise to the mobile. Ever since the launch of the game in October, the game has created hype among the players. Another good news for the Call of Duty Mobile players is that the Google login for the COD mobile is arriving soon.

Current Scenario

Currently, when a user downloads the game, they get an option to login as a guest, or through Facebook in the Global version of Call of Duty Mobile. The method of logging in with Facebook is fast but it has started to lose the reliability aspect. There are not many options to choose from, and the ones that are available are not very enticing.

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When you are logged in as a guest, your account will get connected to your phone which means that the account will be lost if you delete the game or lose your phone. Thus, this is not the best option for the players and does not make them happy.

There are rare instances where the Call of Duty Mobile dev team is doing wrong. However, there is one minor oversight related to the account logging in, that has the player base asking questions about why they cannot log in using Google and Game Center.

Well, the game is not leaving anything for the players to have a doubt with. Thus, the Call of Duty Mobile is soon going to feature the Google Login mode.

When Google login will arrive in Call of Duty Mobile?

People have stopped relying on the credentials of Facebook and guest login as there are chances to lose the account success once and for all. Thus, to ensure that players have no doubt in their minds about losing their account, Call of Duty Mobile is coming up with the Google Login in the game.

It is expected that the Google login feature will be available in the game from COD Mobile season 2. And it will be available in the latter half of November. There is no official announcement of the same, but we are speculating it to be released along with season 2.

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Special thanks to Mmaxum for reporting this awesome news to us.

What are your views about the new login system? Do tell us in the comments section below. Also, if you liked reading the article don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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It is season 10 already and google play login its not here

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