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Call of Duty Mobile Zombie Mode is arriving this month

The Zombie mode has been one of the most awaited and anticipated mode for Call of Duty Mobile game. For all those who are Zombie fans and love shooting zombies in their pass time, buckle up as the Call of Duty mobile Zombie mode can hit the game any time in the month of November. After a long wait, Call of Duty Mobile will finally receive the Zombie mode update. (Update – CoD Mobile Zombie Mode will be arriving on November 22nd, 2019)

The Community Update

The Call of Duty Mobile team on Reddit posted about the Zombie mode coming out to the game soon. From the last month, players are eagerly waiting for the zombie game mode. They have finally replied with,

“it will be on your fingertip before you know it”.

This gets the community even more excited as the most awaited Zombie game mode is officially going to be released any time this month.

There is a lot this week that is “coming soon” and while we hate to just tease details, we hope you’ll share in the anticipation for everything that is coming in November

Although the date on which the mode will be released has not been announced, we are predicting it to get released with the season 2 of the Call of Duty mobile which will hit the game on anytime between 16-18 November.

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About Call of Duty Mobile Zombie Mode

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Leaks from the Chinese version of Call of Duty Mobile suggest that the most awaited game mode is going to have a PvE Boss battle where the players are going to have to kill the Zombies/Boss who will have a large amount of HP as compared to the others. Also, when the Boss dies, there can be a well-designed animation which shows how the Zombie’s Boss gets his death.

There are also rumors about the game mode having two different game modes in it. But we are not sure about it. However, lets hope that we get the coolest modes with the Zombie mode update.

The Origin of the News

The origin or the clue that the game mode is going to hit the game any time was first taken up from the Data mines of the global version 1.6. The game files had a series of photos of around 10 Images. These files had around 10 images in a series which looks like a comic. This, however, confirmed that the most awaited Zombie game mode will be hitting the game. To know more about the zombie comic you can see here. Also, the official Call of Duty Mobile social accounts will start teasing zombie modes soon,

Look to our social media channels as we prepare to show Zombies to the world! We share plenty through these Community Updates, but our social media channels have screenshots, videos, and more to share that you may not see here.

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