Datamining shows Call of Duty Mobile Zombie comic in the game files
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Datamining shows Call of Duty Mobile Zombie comic in the game files

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As the hype for Zombies is building up, recent data mining just added more fuel into it. In the game files of Call of Duty Mobile the global version 1.6, 10 image files are found. If you see them one by one it will look like a comic. Until now, all the leaks were focused on finding out the game modes, maps etc but this Call of Duty Mobile Zombie comic looks really interesting. So let’s take a look.

The Zombie Comic

There are a total of 10 photos. Originally the language was in Mandarin. However, English translation has been provided here to understand it easily.

The Call of Duty Mobile Zombie comic starts in a post-apocalyptic state where the humans are experimenting with something. During this experimentation, something happened and they called the Call of Duty team. As the person who called, was killed, the Call of Duty team became suspicious of the situation. And they decided to investigate the area.

While they were on Helicopter, the team found some signs of destructions. They also saw that the zombies were coming out of the lab. So Call of Duty team quickly got a safe place to land and killed the small zombies. However, in the end, they got a pleasant surprise. They saw the big boss coming out! And that’s where the comic ends.

So when Call of Duty Mobile Zombie mode is releasing?

Lots of speculations are going on over the various social platforms about the release of Call of Mobile zombies. However, as per our old leak, Zombies will most likely to appear in Call of Duty Mobile season 2. If you have not read our Season 2 leak article yet, we will suggest you to read it as soon as possible.

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Special thanks to Simskii on Discord for sharing these leaks with us. We would also like to thank Mr Generic for the translation from Mandarin to English.

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