Campfire: Niantic’s new AR mobile game is now available on Android and iOS

Developers of Pokemon GO and Pikmin Bloom are here with a new game!

Niantic is an American game development company based out of San Francisco that has developed the hit AR game Pokemon GO. The developers have created a lot of popular games some of which are IngressPokémon GOHarry Potter: Wizards Unite and most recently Pikmin Bloom. And now, Niantic has begun rolling out Campfire for Android and iOS, a social app that will let Niantic’s users chat with their friends, join groups of like-minded mobile wanders, and arrange major events like Pokémon Go’s raids. 

Campfire is another geo-location and AR-focused game from the house of Niantic

The Niantic community now has a new method to enjoy real-world gameplay, gatherings, and events thanks to Campfire, giving people a chance to learn about the things that make the world a wonderful and interesting place.

You’ll see a dynamic map of your neighborhood when you launch Campfire, with game experiences and activities from friends and other players dropped in predetermined spots close by. You can access each of your channels or game-specific map views by clicking on the game icons in the upper right corner of the screen. As you progress through various game experiences, you can change between these channels. Key features of Campfire include:

AR mobile games
Image via Niantic
  • Nearby Communities: Check out the nearby communities to easily locate other players. To organize events, join new groups, and meet new gamers, use the discover page under your Communities tab. There will only be a small number of communities available at first, and more will be added later.
  • Niantic Friends: Easily add and manage your friends across all Niantic titles.
  • Direct and Group Messaging: Organize all your chats with friends in one place. With Direct and Group messaging you can instantly share gyms/raids, drop your live location, post photos, and chat with your friends across any Niantic game. Sharing your location through messaging is optional and can last up to one hour, before turning off automatically.
  • Real-World Activities: Easily invite your friends to play, participate in official Community events, and keep track of meetups with reminders! To find and share content, navigate the map, connect with your local communities, and coordinate at any gym or raid.

You can now see if there are other players around while you’re playing a game. The map is a fun way to explore if you’re going somewhere new or simply want to discover new parts of your city. And if you meet up with others, you may send them a friend request and direct chat to organize your next rendezvous.

Trainers may swiftly and easily put together a team in Pokémon GO by sharing Raid locations with friends via direct message or group chat. Alternatively, if you’re playing alone, you can tap a particular area on the map to reveal the ability to add a “Flare” to that site. Consider flares as an invitation for other Trainers to go there and partake in the fun for anybody who sees it.

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