Chinese government to prohibit live-streaming of unapproved games

China strengthens Live Streaming/Online Audio-Visual Platform management with a strict notice!

In an effort to crackdown on potential abuses of the live-streaming gaming industry, the Chinese government is stepping up its supervision of game streaming platforms. Unapproved games are prohibited from being shown in online plays, variety shows, games, or short videos. The National Radio and Television Administration of the Chinese government issued a notice asking all provincial radio and television administrations to implement the streaming requirements strictly.

Since last year, the broadcasting of unapproved games through live streaming platforms has increased, seriously violating the relevant provisions of the Regulations on Radio and Television Management. Some people use live streaming to broadcast game content harmful to minors illegally or contains violence, pornography, gambling, and other illegal and bad information.

The National Radio and Television Administration asked the relevant organizations to carry out special rectification work on the live streaming of unapproved games to protect minors from being harmed by illegal and harmful information.

The National Radio and Television Administration has issued a harsh notice on live-streaming

As per the Law on the Protection of Minors and Management Regulations for online live game broadcasts, the following is notified: 

  • Illegal games cannot be distributed via online audio-visual platforms.
  • Enhance game live broadcast management.
  • Strengthen the behavior norms of the game anchors.
  • The live broadcast cannot be used for sound appearances by those who break the law.
  • Instruct and supervise the establishment and implementation of policies and procedures to protect minors on online live broadcast platforms.
  • Maintain a strict filing system for classified documents.
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The notice requires that all provincial radio and television administrations strengthen their supervision and inspection of live streaming platforms and content, the crackdown on illegal and harmful information, and ensure that only approved games are broadcasted.

Provincial radio and television administrations should also urge relevant Internet companies to stop broadcasting unapproved games through live streaming platforms immediately and clean up and delete relevant content. According to relevant laws and regulations, those who violate the rules will be seriously dealt with.

What are your thoughts about the notice issued by the Chinese government on live-streaming? Let us know in the comments below!

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