Clash Heroes Pre-Alpha test leaks: Complete list of playable characters, skins, spells and more

Taste different gameplay with your favorite Clash characters!

Clash Heroes, one of the three upcoming games of Clash Universe, has been announced by Supercell a few months ago. This is an adventure-based game where players will travel the world and explore new places like never before. They have to complete the unique quests and move further. A time-limited tweet on the 22nd of July, 2021 from the Clash Heroes Twitter account had made the game accessible for a few lucky players. While fans have been waiting to go on an adventure with their favorite characters, we have found some leaks from the Pre-Alpha test of playable characters, skins, spells, and more in Clash Heroes.

Clash Heroes Pre-Alpha test leaks

Supercell has already said that Clash Heroes will feature characters from the Clash universe with the introduction of some new ones. After the tweet had resurfaced, an in-game notice showed that the pre-alpha test server had been available from the 21st of July to the 27th of July. Supercell had also strictly prohibited the players not to discuss the game content outside the playtest. Although, there is some information on the look of our favorite characters, skins, and spells, which will be used in Clash Heroes.

Clash Heroes list of playable characters and their skins

1. Barbarian

Clash Heroes Pre-Alpha test leaks
Default Barbarian with their different skins from Level 1-5 (Image by SCDATAMINES)

Barbarian appears as a male kilt-clad warrior with an angry, battle-ready expression, hungry for destruction. Clash Heroes will feature this character and they’re also bringing some outfits for the characters. There is a default skin and four more skins for the barbarian. We don’t know if the abilities of barbarians are upgradable or not, but we hope so that they are. However, players will have to spend gems to buy or upgrade to a new skin level.

2. Archers

Clash Heroes Pre-Alpha test leaks
Default Archers with their different skins from Level 1-5 (Image by SCDATAMINES)

This cute female warrior has sharp eyes and is very destructive with her bow and arrows. Nothing makes them happier than single-mindedly taking down their target. Archer is coming with 5 skins other than the default one. With the up-gradation of her skin, she will look more truculent.

3. Wizard

Clash Heroes Pre-Alpha test leaks
Default Wizards with their different skins from Level 1-5 (Image by SCDATAMINES)

The wizard shoots fireballs or energy blasts that do high damage. Although this character hides his long and messy hair under his hood, that does not hide from the enemies. Like the archer, he is also coming with 5 skins and a default one.

4. Bomber

Clash Heroes Pre-Alpha test leaks
Default Bombers with their different skins from Level 1-5 (Image by SCDATAMINES)

Remember the wall-breaker from Clash of Clans? He is coming into Clash Heroes with a new name of ‘Bomber’! He is good at throwing bombs to defeat the enemies and finds his satisfaction by it. This character will have 3 skins and a default one.

5. Royal Cook and Explorer

Clash Heroes Pre-Alpha test leaks
Default Royal Cook and Explorer skin (Image by SCDATAMINES)

Royal cook is a male character and he is one of the new characters introduced in the game. As of now, we are not aware of his ability yet. He has three skins along with a default one. Along with that, we have Explorer who has been newly introduced to the game. A female with a lasso in her hand and a backpack in the back. She seems to be a perfect adventurer.

List of Spells in Clash Heroes

Spells are consumable items. One buys them with elixir and can use them as many times as one can buy them. For example, if a player buys 2 heals, he can only use the heal spell twice, until he buys more. Spells are upgradable to increase their abilities. As a part of the Clash Heroes Pre-Alpha test leaks, we have a number of spells that will be introduced in the game.

1. Heal

Heal Spell (Image by SCDATAMINES)

The name says it all. It casts a healing aura that restores HP both instantly and over time.

  • Instant Heal: 1375
  • Heal rate: 137/s
  • Area of effect: Large
  • Duration: 10s
  • Capacity: 2

2. Tornado

Clash Heroes Pre-Alpha test leaks
Tornado Spell (Image by SCDATAMINES)

A tornado spell causes a violently rotating column of air.

  • Damage: 300
  • Area of effect: Large
  • Duration: 9s
  • Max Enemy Tier: Champion
  • Capacity: 2

3. Lightning

Clash Heroes Pre-Alpha test leaks
Login Screen (Image by SCDATAMINES)

The Lightning spell zaps nearby enemies and inflicts a shock!

  • Damage: 300
  • Area of Effect: Small
  • Count: 5
  • Capacity: 2

4. Earthquake

Earthquake Spell (Image by SCDATAMINES)

The earthquake spell unleashes a seismic wave that damages and inflicts dizzy surroundings.

  • Damage: 900
  • Area of Effect: Medium
  • Duration: 3s
  • Max Enemy Tier: Elite
  • Capacity: 1

5. Rage

Rage Spell (Image by SCDATAMINES)

The rage spell does increase the attack speed and blood pressure of the player as well!

  • Attack Speed: 50%
  • Area of Effect: Medium
  • Duration: 10s
  • Capacity: 1

6. Freeze

Freeze Spell (Image by SCDATAMINES)

The Freeze spell inflicts FREEZE on nearby enemies, who take extra damage.

  • Area of Effect: Large
  • Duration: 5s
  • Damage Bonus: 70%
  • Max Enemy Tier: Champion
  • Capacity: 2

Clash Heroes game menus

In this section, we will be discussing all the things we’ve noticed during the Clash Heroes Pre-Alpha Test.


Clash Heroes Pre-Alpha test leaks
Map in Clash Heroes (Image by SCDATAMINES)

The Clash Heroes map displays Patrols. These can be selected to go on adventures. The map shows how many stages are in one Patrol. In this case, there are 3 levels.

Login screen

Clash Heroes Pre-Alpha test leaks
Login Screen (Image by SCDATAMINES)

Clash Heroes Pre-Alpha Test uses a login system where if players were whitelisted, players have to simply enter the email of the whitelisted account.

Pre-game lobby

Clash Heroes Pre-Alpha test leaks
Pre-game lobby (Image by SCDATAMINES)

Once the “Resume” or “Begin” option is selected on the Map, the player is brought to this screen. This is known as the Pre-Game lobby. Each circle at the bottom represents a stage. Currently, the picture shows Level 1. The player must hit “GO” to begin the level and start attacking!

Other options and menus

Apart from the above-mentioned menus, there are others such as ‘Journal’ which shows unlocked Heroes, Runes and Spells. There is the main menu to control everything in the game and to jump into other options. A Hero Selection menu is present to select heroes with which players want to go to a fight.

Enemies in Clash Heroes

Clash Heroes Pre-Alpha test leaks
Enemies in Clash Heroes (Image by SCDATAMINES)

As of now, there are no exact details that have been revealed about enemy lists. But instead, here is a picture that can help one to understand what enemies might be on the path while exploring new places. There are some known heroes from Clash of Clans that are featured as the enemy here. Along with that, a number of new characters are also seen in the game. Let us know your thoughts on the enemy lists, which you might want to see.

Other in-game pieces of stuff

After players beat a Patrol, they get rewards! Builder Points is something by which players can upgrade their wagon. Upgrading a wagon is like upgrading a town hall. Players must unlock the ability to level up heroes higher, gain new spells, and ability to unlock new hero pieces. There are also Gems that can be used to buy Hero Skins and Gold, which is used for various things, similar to the elixir. The last two things are Runes which are the Healing Rune and the Cooldown Rune.

Final Thoughts

These are all we have found after taking a deep look inside the pre-alpha leaks in Clash Heroes. After the completion of the early beta, it will soon launch its beta. Supercell has always looked forward to entertaining its players by providing a quality gameplay experience. As of now, there is no announcement regarding the final release of the game.

What are your thoughts on the Clash Heroes Pre-Alpha test leaks? Do let us know in the comments below.

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