Clash of Clans 8th Anniversary Update: 8 years of fun and entertainment

Clash of Clans 8th anniversary is finally here. This is indeed a big milestone for Supercell. Clash of Clans was launched in back in 2012 and since then the game has topped charts and strongly stayed in the top grossing category. Now coc has become 8 years old and to celebrate this, Supercell is raining rewards with Anniversary cake, great rewards in the Gold Pass, lucrative offers at shop and trader, and a brand new themed skin for the Barbarian King named as “Party King”. So let us take a look at the details of Clash of Clans 8th anniversary update.

Clash of Clans 8th Anniversary Cake

To celebrate the anniversaries, Supercell generally drop a special anniversary cake each year. And this year has been no different. With the arrival of the 8th anniversary, players are already getting the fresh Cake which has “8” as a cherry. To take it out, players will need 8888 gold and this will reward with 88,888 gold. See the photo for clear information.

coc 8th anniversary cake
Beautiful golden anniversary cake!

Anniversary special statue

For the first time, Supercell is introducing a free statue and it looks brilliant.

coc, coc anniversary statue
Free statue up for grabs!

Clashiversary Deals – Free Magic items at Trader

During this anniversary month, players will be getting a free magic item from the trader. The free magic item can be anything like a builder potion, training potion, research potion etc. However, it will not reward a book for free.

coc, coc free items
Free Magic items!

Amazing events to boost the overall progress

During the whole month, players will receive awesome events. It has been started with 1-Gem resource boost and one after another will keep arriving. Players may see some limited time normal troop or special troops as well.

Anniversary themed season – Party King arrives

This time, the Barbarian King is getting a party king! Previously players have got a party themed skin for Grand Warden and now it is time for the beloved Barbarian King.

This season, the Gold Pass rewards are much better than the previous ones. No doubt that Supercell is trying to make the 8th anniversary of Clash of Clans special for the fans.

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