Clash of Clans Builder Base 2.0 Update: Layouts, Troop Levels, and more

More updates regarding the Builder Base revamp!

Clash of Clans has been working to make some significant changes to the Builder Base for a while, and the update might be coming soon. But before releasing it, the team has given some exciting sneak peeks about the upcoming update, with respect to the layouts and troop levels that are going to be changed in the Builder Base 2.0 update in Clash of Clans.

Since the first announcement of Supercell’s plans to renovate the current Builder Base model with the Builder Base 2.0 update, there have been a series of monthly blog posts on the same topic to keep the users engaged

Clash of Clans Builder Base 2.0 Update will feature some changes to layouts

Builder Hall Level 1-5

Developers have mentioned that they will try to preserve the current layouts as much as possible for players below who are in levels 1 to 5. This will be done by shifting the base to the center of the Builder Base village map. However, the arrangements will change, and there will be some random building placements to satisfy the conditions mentioned below.

Clash of Clans Builder's Workshop
Image via Supercell

If there are four or fewer buildings/traps that cannot fit in the lower map size, they will be randomly placed. If more than four buildings/traps do not fit on the reduced map size, the complete Builder Base layout will be put at random. Any remaining inactive layouts will be deleted.

Builder Hall Level 6+ changes

In the April blog post, Game Lead Stuart mentioned about the second buildable area from Builder Hall 6, with its own key building called O.T.T.O’s Outpost will be introduced along with the buildings being divided between the two stages. Players can however each stage of the builder base by dragging the buildings.

More talking points are that players with Builder Hall 6 and higher will immediately access the cave entrance on the western side of the Builder Base, leading to your own second stage. To allow this, your Builder Base defenses will be set at random for both levels. This will affect the decorations and obstacles too.

Builder Base 2.0 drag and drop
Image via Supercell

All the decorations will be stored, and any uncleared obstacles will remain where they are. Furthermore, any obstacles blocked by repositioned buildings/traps or the map’s reduced size will be automatically moved to valid but random positions. Tall Grass that is obstructed will be removed. Any remaining inactive layouts will be deleted.

Builder Base 2.0 Update will automatically upgrade a troop to their minimum level

The idea behind the troop levels is to have players participate in the new multiplayer attacks as soon as possible. At higher Builder Hall levels, upgrading a newly unlocked Troop from level 1 can be a hindrance to trying out new tactics until that Troop has been fully upgraded.

As a result, when Troops are unlocked in the Barracks, they will be automatically promoted to their minimal level. Troops will be at the levels listed below when they are unlocked. If you’ve already leveled your Troops above the bare minimum, you need not worry as it will not be reversed from their upgrade progress.

  • Raged Barbarian: Level 1
  • Sneaky Archer: Level 1
  • Boxer Giant: Level 3
  • Beta Minion: Level 3
  • Bomber: Level 5
  • Baby Dragon: Level 5
  • Cannon Cart: Level 7
  • Night Witch: Level 9
  • Dropship: Level 11
  • Power P.E.K.K.A: Level 13
  • Hog Glider: Level 15

As new troops are introduced, they are also expected to follow the same pattern.

A new builder in B.O.B is arriving

In the March blog, there was a mention of another robot builder that the Master Builder decides to build and sends over to the Home Village to assist them. Pretty much an inspiration from BOB the Builder we should say, as B.O.B will be the players’ new handy robotic new assistant that allows you to add another builder to your base.

BOB Clash of Clans
Image via Supercell

To unlock B.O.B, a series of tasks will await you once you reach Builder Hall 9. The tasks are listed as follows:

  • Complete 3 Gear Up upgrades.
  • Upgrade any Troop to level 18.
  • Upgrade any Defense to level 9.
  • The total upgrade level of all Heroes must be at least 45. Just note that the new Hero Machine starts at Level 15 when you purchase it from the shop.

If you’ve already unlocked O.T.T.O before the update is released, then your O.T.T.O will automatically be replaced by B.O.B. Additionally, Master Builder will be sent back to the Builder Base where he’ll remain as Builder Base’s second Builder.

New Hero Machine in Battle Copter is arriving

Unlocking at Builder Hall level 8 is the Battle Copter, the brand new Builder Base Hero who can be shipped into battles along with the O.T.T.O. from the update. While its Bomb Rush ability builds up, this new flying Hero Machine has a ranged attack that allows it to deliver damage from a distance.

Battle Copter Builder Base
Image via Supercell

Unleashing Bomb Rush causes a nosedive assault that propels the Battle Copter ahead to its target, where it deals severe explosion damage beneath the surface. Here is the description of the attributes of the new Hero Machine.

  • Cost: 2.5M Builder Elixir (BE)
  • Starting Level: 15
  • Favorite Target: Any
  • Damage Type: Single target
  • Targets: Ground & Air
  • Movement Speed: 14

More detail on Hero Machines

Charge Levels

Hero Machines can now charge their special ability up to three levels in Builder Base battles. The longer you wait to utilize your Hero Machine’s ability, the more powerful it will get, with Level 3 being the most potent. So, it is on the player to decide whether they should use the ability as soon as it reaches Charge Level 1 or risk waiting even longer for the ultimate Charge Level 3.

Multi-Stage Battles

If you have Battle Copter unlocked, you can choose between Battle Machine and Battle Copter for Stage 1 when you discover an opponent during Builder Base multi-stage encounters. Any Hero Machine abilities that were not used at the end of Stage 1 will automatically trigger to take advantage of the HP recovery effect.

Before beginning Stage 2 of your multi-stage battle, you have the option of continuing to use the same Hero Machine with the same amount of HP it had at the end of Stage 1, including any HP restored by its triggered ability when Stage 1 ended, or selecting your other Hero Machine, which starts completely fresh at 100% HP, allowing you to have greater tactical flexibility in how you mold your attacks.

New Buildings

Two new buildings are being added in the update, namely Reinforcement Camp and the Healing Hut.

Reinforcement Camp

Reinforcement Camps, like Army Camps, increase your available Troops during your attack by adding extra Troops slots. Reinforcement Slots, on the other hand, are only available after you have completed the first stage of your attack. You can choose which reinforcement Troops to utilize before you start your attack, just like you would with your typical Builder Base Army.

Furthermore, after you reach Stage 2, you can exchange your current Reinforcement Troops for any additional Builder Base Troops you’ve obtained. Just keep in mind that after you start your second stage attack, your Reinforcements cannot be modified. Each Reinforcement Camp provides you with one Reinforcement slot.

The first camp will unlock at Builder Hall level 6 and is already automatically accessible followed by the second at Builder Hall level 9.

Healing Hut

The Healing Hut is a new building added to the game that aids in the healing of your surviving Builder Base Troops after you complete Stage 1 and before beginning your Stage 2 battle. The higher the level of your Healing Hut, the more your Builder Base Troops that survive get healed. This will unlock at Builder Hall Level 6.

Changes to building, editing, and walls in the Builder Base

When you unlock the second stage at Builder Hall Level 6, Stage 2 will contain these buildings immediately at Level 1:

  • O.T.T.O’s Outpost
  • Reinforcement Camp
  • Elixir Storage
  • Gold Storage
  • Elixir Pump
  • Gold Mine
  • Archer Tower
  • 10 Walls

Each Stage has a maximum number of Defences, Walls, and Traps that can be placed, which is governed by your Builder Hall level. At Builder Hall level 10, we will have:

  • Defenses per Stage: 14
  • Walls per Stage: 100
  • Traps per Stage: 12

The Layout Editor will also tell you which Buildings can go in each Stage. If you reach the maximum number of Buildings that can be placed in that Stage, the rest will be greyed out, indicating that they cannot be built in that Stage.

The Layout Editor will also instruct you on which Buildings can be placed in each Stage. For example, at BH6, you have two Elixir Storages accessible, forcing you to place one on each Stage.

As far as Builder Base Walls are concerned, they are no longer made up of five components on update. Walls are now distinct portions, similar to your Home Village, providing you more freedom in designing defensive layouts.

Clash of Clans Builder Base 2.0 Update release date

As of now, there are no specific dates for the upcoming coc update. However, looking at the history, it is expected that the Clash of Clans Builder Base 2.0 Update will arrive within the first half of May 2023.

Are you excited about the layouts and troop level changes Supercell is set to introduce in Clash of Clans with the upcoming Builder Base 2.0 Update? Let us know in the comments below!

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