Clash of Clans Builder Base 2.0 update will introduce a second buildable area with its own key building

The update will make sure that smart play is rewarded

It is no new news that Clash of Clans is looking forward to including changes to the Builder Base and the April blog post from the team indicates that more fun elements are getting introduced and reward smart play. The Clash of Clans Builder Base 2.0 update will introduce a second buildable area and will have its own key building.

The second buildable area will have O.T.T.O’s Outpost as its key building

Supercell’s plans to renovate the current Builder Base model with the Builder Base 2.0 update was announced in November, and the recent blog post in February revealed that the Builder Base will have fewer stronger troops with active triggered abilities. In March, they announced that the balancing of attack and defense is in the works, and this April, they have one more unique idea in the picture.

Clash of Clans Game Lead Stuart in his blog post mentioned that one of the most common complaints they have encountered about the current Builder Base is that it becomes less enjoyable as you progress through the later Builder Halls. This is partly true as early on, players used to enjoy the Builder Base’s more focused, tactical fun feeling. However, that’s not the case currently.

From Builder Halls 1 to 5, things will remain largely unchanged. From Builder Hall 6, a second buildable area with its own key building called O.T.T.O’s Outpost will be introduced along with the buildings being divided between the two stages. Players can however each stage of the builder base by dragging the buildings.

Builder Base 2.0 drag and drop
Image via Supercell

Master Builder and O.T.T.O. can work on upgrades anywhere as they are not limited to upgrading things in the stage where their buildings are located. Considering non-defensive buildings like the Clocktower (single building), players can only be placed in a certain stage, or for buildings like Gold Storages (which have multiple stages), you can only place a certain number in the first stage and the rest in the second. This will be unveiled after the update.

How multi-stage Builder Bases will work from an attacking perspective

The next question after reading the above details will be, how are these things going to work? Here’s the explanation. When players play a match against an opponent’s base, only the first stage is visible. They must choose an army and an attack strategy capable of destroying this stage. Three Stars? Good. But you are only halfway there.

Builder Base 2.0 attacking
Image via Supercell

The troops who survived the first stage return to the deployment bar and will be healed. Depending on the Builder Hall level of the player, one or two extra camps of troops will be received as reinforcements. Next up, the opponent’s second stage will be made visible. Players can swap reinforcement camps or any unused camp of troops from the initial army for whatever troop is required.

So, thinking about keeping as many troops alive as possible in the first stage is something players need to think of. Three stars, one for destroying O.T.T.O’s Outpost, one for reaching 150% destruction, and one for reaching 200% destruction can be earned in total.

Stuart has confirmed that there are more updates to come from them regarding the Builder Base rework, including the Builder Hall 10. We’ll have to see what next is in store for us because these changes look great and exciting to look for as a player.

Are you excited about the second buildable area Supercell is set to introduce in Clash of Clans with the upcoming Builder Base 2.0 Update? Let us know in the comments below!

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