Clash of Clans Builder Base 2.0 update will focus on balancing attack, defense, and builders

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In their latest blog post, Clash of Clans has revealed their plans which will be focusing on the update of Builder Base 2.0 that will follow up in balancing attack, defense, and builders. This has been in development for a while, and with the confirmation, it is clear that they want to revamp the system to a better state.

Builder Base 2.0 will come with multiplayer attacks similar to the Home Village

Supercell had plans to renovate the current Builder Base model with the Builder Base 2.0 update, and the recent blog post in February revealed that the Builder Base will have fewer stronger troops with active triggered abilities.

Clash of Clans Game Lead Stuart in his blog post mentioned the changes that the Builder Base 2.0 is focusing on, with the development that is taking place to change a few aspects of the current system so that there will be a more balanced front from the player’s view.

Balancing Attacking and Defending

Yes, the current Versus Battles system is exciting, but the team believes it has some flaws. When a player loses a trophy, the trophy count drops, and this is where the team finds it less than ideal, and figuring out strategies would be somewhat of a challenge for the player.

So, instead of Versus Battles, in which two players attack each other simultaneously, they have planned a system more akin to multiplayer attacks in the Home Village. From the next update onwards, for every Star you earn in your attack, you’ll earn some Builder Gold.

You will receive a defense for every attack you make, and these will remain balanced regardless of how much you attack. Defenses can occur even while you are online. Talking about Builder Elixir, it is earned by the Defense. In defense, you are rewarded for each Star that your opponent does not win from your base.

Image via Supercell

For example, if your opponent receives two stars, you will be rewarded with one. So, make sure you strengthen your defense! So in simple words, attacking well earns you Builder Gold, which you can use to build a stronger defense, and defending well earns you Builder Elixir, which you can use to build a stronger offense.

When you receive a defense from an attacking player, any earned Builder Elixir is placed in your Builder Base’s Elixir Cart. You will also be warned if another player attacks you while you are still online. As a result, you can watch someone else attack your Builder Base in real-time to see where your defenses need to be improved.

You can attack as many times as you like, even after you’ve received your Builder Base Star Bonus. This is possible since Builder Base battles no longer happen head-to-head, you can perform your next attack as soon as your previous battle is done.

Changes to Builder Base Attacks, Loot, and Trophies

Trophies system explained

With the removal of head-to-head battles, Trophies are obtained and lost through attacking and defending respectively. Trophies are earned by attacking other Builder Bases and are lost depending on how successfully another player attacks your Builder Base.

Trophy adjustments are based on both the number of Stars gained and the percentage of devastation achieved. The quantity of Trophies gained/lost is determined by the level of your Builder Hall. The number of Trophies acquired by an attacker is determined by their Builder Hall level, whilst the number of Trophies lost by a defender is determined by their Builder Hall level.

Leagues and Bonus Systems

Another interesting news is that the League system will be coming to the Builder Base. A concept similar to the Home Village league, each offense and defense star you collect in the battles will reward you more as your League rises.

Builder Base now features two different Star types: Bronze and Silver Stars. Bronze Stars are obtained by defeating the first stage of a multi-stage attack, whereas Silver Stars are obtained by beating the second stage. 100% devastation on Stage 1 earns you 3 Bronze Stars, while 100% destruction on Stage 2 earns you 3 Silver Stars, for a total of 200% destruction and 6 stars.

There will also be a Star Bonus, which will provide you with a per-League amount of Builder Gold and Builder Elixir. The number of Stars required to receive the Star Bonus varies by League; higher Leagues will require more Stars per day.

Completing your Builder Base Star Bonus will get you extra rewards as your League level rises. However, the number of Stars required to get your Builder Base Star Bonus will vary depending on which League you are in and will range from 7 to 12 Stars. The higher your League level, the more Bonus loot you’ll receive in the form of Builder Gold and Builder Elixir.

A few examples are explained in the blog, given below.

  • If you reach 58% destruction on Stage 1 and were able to destroy their Builder Hall, this would result in 2 Bronze Stars and would count as 2 Stars towards your Builder Base Star Bonus.
  • If you were able to get 100% destruction on Stage 1 but fell short and got 10% on Stage 2 without destroying their Outpost, your total Stars would be 3 Bronze Stars and would count as 3 Stars towards your Builder Base Star Bonus.
  • If you were able to get 100% destruction on Stage 1 and 58% on Stage 2, including destroying their Outpost, this would be 3 Bronze Stars and 2 Silver Stars for a total of 5 Stars towards your Star Bonus.
  • Finally, if you were able to get 100% destruction on both Stage 1 and Stage 2, this would mean you will earn 3 Silver Stars for a total of 6 Stars towards your bonus.

The new Builder Base Star Bonus system is amazing because, while you will receive the most loot from your Star Bonus, you can still attack and gain loot after you have finished your Star Bonus reward. The old 3-Win Bonus for loot is no longer applicable.

Balancing Builders

From the Builder Base 2.0 updates, players can unlock O.T.T.O. when they reach Builder Hall 6 as a permanent second builder for the Builder Base. For those who have already achieved this accomplishment, Clash of Clans will update the quests at Builder Hall 9 to unlock a permanent sixth builder for the Home Village.

This is going to be another robot builder that the Master Builder decides to build and sends over to the Home Village to assist them. However, the quests to unlock the sixth builder will be slightly altered from what they are now, which will be making them more general and adaptable.

Are you excited about the changes Supercell is set to introduce in Clash of Clans with the upcoming Builder Base 2.0 Update? Let us know in the comments below!

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Im slightly worried about changes to the builder base. Ive spent countless hours to max out everything. Still working on walls. What will happen with all of my maxed troops and defenses?

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