Clash of Clans December 2022 Update: Balance Changes and more

Its Clashmas time!

The latest Clash of Clans update arrives this December 2022 with new additions and balance changes. Supercell has recently teased the arrival of Clashmas 2022 with the Jolly Queen skin that has been introduced to the game as a part of this month’s Gold Pass. The devs have posted across their official website and channels about the upcoming changes coming with the Clash of Clans December 2022 update.

Clash of Clans December 2022 Update

December Balance Changes

As a regular part of every update, the December 2022 update brings a set of Balance Changes in the game.


The newly introduced defense building Monolith has already become a fan favorite after wreaking havoc in Town Hall 15. As usual, it has undergone a nerf with its Damage % has now been decreased

  • Level 1: 14% -> 12%
  • Level 2: 15% -> 13%

Spell Tower

Similar to the Monolith, the Spell Tower has also proved to be a too formidable defense to deal with for the attacking Clashers hence it has been nerfed with the Poison Tower attack speed reduction has been reduced from -35% to -25%

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Image via Supercell

Poison Lizard

Good news for the players using the Poison Lizard. After many complaints, its Target search radius has finally been increased by 0.5 tiles, making it less likely to ignore nearby units and Heroes. The lizard is now expected to cause further damage to enemies by spitting slow venom toxins on them.

Clan Capital Skeleton Barrel

The Skeleton Barrel has been a hugely popular troop for the Clan Capital players in recent times. Its HP has been increased across all levels:

  • Level 1: 500 -> 700
  • Level 2: 600 -> 800
  • Level 3: 700 -> 850
  • Level 4: 800 -> 1050
  • Level 5: 900 -> 1200

Underground Unit Movement

There has also been an adjustment in the movement of troops and units that operate underground. The update will introduce a significant Decrease movement of underground units by 30% when walking above ground. And of course, this will affect the Miners in battles and underground units when visiting Villages.

Introducing Skeleton Park, a brand new Clan Capital District

The Clash of Clans Christmas 2022 update unlocks a brand new Clan Capital District titled Skeleton Park. The Skeleton Park unlocks new features for the Clan Capital including a new spell, two brand-new defense buildings, and a new troop!

Bring back the dead with the Graveyard Spell

Image via Supercell

Graveyard Spell is a brand-new addition to the Clan Capital. It takes up a total of three Housing Spaces and remains active until the end of the next attack on the same district. When your troops are destroyed, the Graveyard Spell will summon an army of Skeletons equivalent to that destroyed unit’s Housing Space. Additionally, if the destroyed unit is an Air Troop, it will spawn flying Skeletons with little balloons instead of ground units The Graveyard Spell will be unlocked in the Skeleton Park

Fend off your enemies with Minion Hive and the Reflector

Image via Supercell

As its name suggest the Minion Hive shoots clusters of angry Minions at the enemy ground and air units. The Minion Hive is perfect for dealing with Swarm Troops. On the other hand, the Reflector as its name suggests doesn’t attack nearby enemies but instead reflects back enemy attacks!

Use the Inferno Dragon in your Clan Capital Raids

The ever-popular Inferno Dragon makes its way to the Clan Capital from the Home Village. He is the exact same version as the Super Troop from the Home Village and breathes fire and you can utilize the cute but fiery air unit now in your Clan Capital raids.

Introducing Clan Capital Leagues

Additionally, coming with the new Clan Capital District is the Clan Capital Leagues. There will now be a Ranking System for Capital Raids. The Ranking System and the Leagues are judged based on the Trophies earned during the Raid Weekend and therefore the Rank will be updated after the end of each weekend.

Image via Supercell

The Players and their Clans will earn Clan XP as a result of the weekly Rank and the League will be displayed on the profile of the Clan. Do remember you don’t get any bonus loot each weekend for the higher you finish on the Ranking system but you do earn a fair amount of Clan XP for your clanmates.

Personalize your own Clan House in the Clan Capital

Unlock Perks and Change Decorations for the Roof, Walls, and Floor in the Clan Capital. What’s more, you can now take your personalized Clan House with all the new decorations that you put in another Clan Capital, if you decide to leave your current Clan.

New Content in the Home Village

Introducing a brand new Super Troop

Recently Supercell has tweeted, hinting at the arrival of a brand new Super Troop, and that too with a mustache! And now it has finally been revealed, across at the Home Village, the Super Miner is the latest troop to add to the long roster of the game’s Super Troops.

Super Miner attacks at high speed and uses his Power Drill to tear through opponents. Once defeated, Super Miner leaves a bomb behind as a parting gift for the enemy’s defenses thereby dealing a huge amount of damage after being destroyed.

Addition of new single-player Campaign Levels

The December 2022 update introduces a total of 15 brand-new Goblin maps with pretty impressive loot and challenges.

Move objects permanently with the Shovel of Obstacles

From now on as you use the Shovel of Obstacles, they will now become permanently removable!

Celebrating Clashmas 2022

Clashmas Challenges

Image via Supercell

With the 10th Anniversary Flashback Challenges already being a hit in the community, Supercell introduces Clashmas Challenges on the occasion of Clashmas 2022. The Challenges will live across this entire month on separate dates with decorations and items up for grabs!

Return of Santa’s Surprise Spell

The Seasonal update means the return of limited-time troops and spells. Therefore the Santa’s Surprise spell makes its annual return this Clashmas for a limited time. And of course, like usual using the spell will bring instant destruction to both Ground and Air units similar to the Lightning Spell.

Introducing the Ram Rider

Introducing for the first time the Ram Rider! She is fast and agile and can jump over the enemy’s walls! Of course, since the Ram Rider is a limited-edition temporary troop, her level will be according to the player’s Town Hall Level and can’t be upgraded.

Image via Supercell

She boasts a special ability to charge through walls and instantly get to the nearby defense buildings/units and attack them. Additionally, the Ram Rider inflicts a greater blow in her first strike on the defense and will slow it down initially before taking it out completely. After destroying, she moves on to the next defense unit similar to a Hog Rider.

When will the Clash of Clans December 2022 Update arrive

With Supercell starting off with the December 2022 update sneak peeks well ahead of time, it is expected that the update will arrive soon in the coming week. And with Clashmas just around the corner, players can expect the return of limited-time troops, spells, defense units, and of course challenges!

Are you excited about the arrival of the Clash of Clans December 2022 update? Let us know in the comments below!

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