Clash of Clans fan has an idea for selecting participants for Clan Wars by displaying their online activity

How about you see the activity of the player before adding him to wars?

Clan Wars are a must for every Clan in Clash of Clans to unlock perks and progress. There are instances in new clans where inactive or irregular players waste their battle chances, thus hindering their progress. So, to avoid this, a Clash of Clans fan on Reddit recently shared an idea of having their online activity shown next to their roles whenever the Leader or Co-Leader selects participants for Clan Wars.

This idea filters inactive players effectively for Clan Wars

Even though online activity can be viewed from the friends’ section or can be viewed on the Clan page, selecting players after looking at each player’s activity would be a headache for any Leader or Co. They also have to check the previous war history and see out players with wasted attacks while also filtering out inactive players within the clan members.

Idea shared on Reddit

In the concept suggested by the Reddit user u/Comfortable-Hawk-927 on the Clash of Clans subreddit, the online activity of each player in the clan will be displayed on the player card, next to their roles. For example, if the player was active within 24 hours, it would say “recently played” or adding another example where a player was inactive for 2 days would be displayed as “played 2 days ago”.

This idea solves most of the problems, especially for Clans who frequently participate in wars. They can take advantage of this implementation if added, and can also have varying Clan War sizes depending on the number of active players.

Clan Wars in Clash of Clans
Image via Supercell

Most of the players of the game also expressed their positive points on this implementation on Reddit. While few Clan Leaders gave a thumbs up to the idea that it would be good for “slow-paced clans to survive”, some added it would be great to have this system without “kicking” players out.

Final Thoughts

While this is a good concept that should see light, it can have a few more improvements. It can have a system where players with inactivity for a long period, say a week plus, should automatically be assigned War Preference as Out.

Reddit has been a platform where many Clash of Clans-related ideas is shared in a good number. Be it the Clan Capital upgrade log concept, or the recently discussed accidental portrait mode feature. While we wait for such implementations to happen in Clash of Clans, a few more users might have come up with something interesting to look at.

What are your thoughts about displaying Clash of Clans activity while selecting participants for Clan Wars? Let us know in the comments below!

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