Clash Of Clans June 2021 Season: Jungle Queen skin, New statue and Trident

Jungle Queen is arriving

Clash of Clans is coming with some exciting updates for the June 2021 Season. From the official Clash of Clans Twitter page, we have got some sneak peeks, tweets of the updates which are about to go live in the game from this summer. We have also got a look inside the new town hall, which is Town Hall 14. There are also some hints about the new updates, weapons, and characters.

Jungle Queen is the seasonal skin

This is now a hot topic which clashers are eagerly waiting to know. As a sneak peek released earlier in a tweet, the official Twitter page of Clash Of Clans has shown a female character with a Medusa-Themed dress. There are rumours such as this could be a tease to be a new character in-game or skins to an existing one. Our best guess is that this is not a new character. Rather the Archer Queen has got a new makeover with her new dress. She will be known as the “Jungle Queenโ€.

New Updates for June 2021 Season

Town Hall 14

We already know that a new town hall is coming into the game. From the new Town Hall tour, we have already got some hints on what is coming with the new update. Here are some things that might get your attention, if you are a true Clasher!

New weapon: Trident

In the Town Hall tour video, we saw a trident with a story behind it. It is the lost trident of a royal champion who will be happy after having it back. They have introduced Jungle Warden as a royal champion, so it could belong to him. A new powerful weapon will make him more destructive, which we can vouch for.

Clash of Clans June 2021 Season
New weapon: Trident

New statue

Clashers are getting new statues every two months to decorate their base. This time another one is coming with this update. The new statue is based on a theme featuring the South American tribes. Greetings from the jungle! Apart from all these, more exciting features like calendar, game modes, new potions are coming as well. Brace yourselves clashers!

Clash of Clans June 2021 Season
New statues are coming to the game!

What are your thoughts on the Clash Of Clans June 2021 Season? Do let us know in the comments!

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