Supercell treats Clash of Clans fans with a Town Hall tour

Ever wondered what's inside the Town Hall?

There have been exciting developments for Clash of Clans fans in the past months or so. After the recent Town Hall 14 update, the game developers, Supercell, have now welcomed fans into the Clash of Clans Town Hall itself, giving a rather in-depth tour of its interiors. This latest content push has been developed with a creative agency known as Waste.

Ramping up engagement

This latest social media update, which gives fans a vlog style view of the interior of the Town Hall, is aimed to drive up engagement and increase interaction with the fanbase. Until now, the interior of the Town hall has always remained a mystery as fans had to resort to speculation and their imagination as to what lay beyond the walls.

clash of clans town hall tour
The cat next door

Initially, Supercell had launched a trailer that encouraged fans to submit their ideas on what items and other gimmicks could be present inside the town hall. The Town Hall tour is a follow up to that and the video showcases many of the ideas submitted by fans come to life in a rich, interactive, 3D environment.

Not only does the 3D walkthrough showcase a host of items, it also features plenty of hidden easter eggs for the fans to pick up on. Fans are encouraged to find these out by themselves. There are also plenty of fan art d├ęcor present on the walls of the interior. Some of the notable in-game items seen in the video are a variety of potions as well as the famous Champions Trident.

This latest update not only further enhances the interaction between the developers and the fanbase but also enriches the lore of the game greatly. The Town Hall has been one of the most staple features of the game ever since its release and this latest walkthrough will only help further cement that position.

Did you like the Clash of Clans Town Hall tour? Do let us know in the comments below!

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