Clash of Clans: Supercell comments on the ongoing phishing scam in the community


In a flurry of recent events, it has been brought to the attention of the players of Clash of Clans worldwide and its developer Supercell itself that there is currently an ongoing epidemic of phishing accounts of both casual players and those who play for fame. The nature of the event has prompted the start of a protest called #StopPhishing over at r/ClashofClans, the official subreddit of the game. The protests have apparently drawn the attention of Darian, an alleged worker/messenger of Supercell who claims that there are steps being taken. Read more to find out about the situation.

The CoC community has been plagued by phishing scams

Phishing is an activity where a person or an organization poses as a credible personality or a company and extracts the personal information of a certain individual with the help of multiple unethical methods such as hacking, duping, etc. Phishing could be of many types but the one currently plaguing the beloved Clash of Clans is much more resilient, organized, and widespread than others. 

Supercell has recently addressed the issue

Darian, the “messenger” of the people conveying messages from the protest to Supercell has admitted that although he has no hand in the working of Supercell, he does have a fair idea of how the procedures take place. According to him, the widespread protest in the subreddit has reached the ears of the Supercell headquarters and has given a certain bit of traction to the speed of the procedures to counter the phishing scams.

He has also said that although he doesn’t appreciate or advocate rioting or rough measures, he is appreciative of the firm stand the community has taken against the scammers to assert their needs from developers of the game.

Further according to Darian, safety measures regularly get updated to keep the accounts of the players secure, although they aren’t always made public. But he has also admitted that the measures in place are not as stringent or bulletproof as the players would like them to be to help boost their confidence after such a mishap. Supercell apparently is upset with the way that the joy regarding the release of Town Hall 15 has been marred by such incidents and is working towards fixing it. 

Clash of Clans accounts of innocent gamers are getting repeatedly phished

According to leaks made in the official Reddit subreddit of Clash of Clans, r/ClashofClans, the phishing is being done as an organized effort of multiple people who are using a Discord bot specifically created to strike the account recovery system of Clash of Clans and steal the data of the players from there. 

For context, Clash of Clans stores its player’s data in a database in order to keep them handy when they’re needed for account recovery in the event that a player loses their account credentials. Now, the Discord bot created by the phishers is equipped with the core code which enables them to tap into the database and retrieve the credentials of the players concerned and hijack their accounts.

Cases of Clash of Clans accounts being phished

In this Reddit post by u/RoosterFew1644, we can see several incidents of phishing complete with their background information. The OP RoosterFew1644 took it upon himself to reach out to multiple victims of phishing to bring forward their stories of getting scammed so that the same doesn’t happen to others.

Here we can see another user share his personal experience in detail regarding how he got phished and even his social media accounts got hacked, all from an account on Discord. This provides useful insight as to how the crime takes place and what the aftermath could be.

The above post tells us the story of Michelin Streak, a clan that used to hold an extremely impressive and awe-inspiring 263 Clan War win streak. The Clan’s co-leader got phished and the person behind it abused the power of that position to fully sabotage a war which lead to the clan losing its win streak and a huge chunk of the members got kicked out as well.

Final Thoughts

The protest #StopPhishing has been launched with the aim of prompting Supercell into providing more security for its players and make their accounts more secure to safeguard their personal information. And according to Darian, steps are already being taken and if all goes well we might see an end being put to this epidemic of phishing and Supercell gaining back the trust of the players once again.

What are your thoughts about the Clash of Clans phishing scams? Let us know in the comments below!

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