Clash Quest review: A new singleplayer take on the Clash world with one flaw

Match, charge and crash into victory!

Clash Quest was one of the three games announced earlier this month by Supercell and is the first one to reach beta in select regions. It’s a turn-based strategy game with characters based on the other games from the Clash Universe where your main objective is to sail from island to island taking down defenses and gathering loot. Here in this article, we will review Clash Quest and share our first impressions of the game.

Embark on a new quest with the old Clash characters

Starting off with the Clash Quest review, you start off with a well-rounded tutorial to the game where you’re taught how your troops work and how to maximize their attack’s powers. The game is divided into a bunch of levels, each of which is then further divided into stages excluding boss battles which only have one stage. In the earlier battles, you only have a handful of troops to take into battle with you and then, you slowly unlock more as you go. Each battle has randomized troops and starting formation so some battles might be a breeze because of the formation being on your side while some might be harder. With the help of your troops, you have to take down the defenses and gather up the loot.

Clash Quest Gameplay

In order to win battles, you’ll have to strategize and use the maximum potential your troops have to order while also keeping in mind how many of them are left because their numbers are limited and once you run out, it’s game over. The cool thing about the game which was revealed to us before it was released was that the troops can unlock combos that increase the damage inflicted. For example, if you have 2 archers side by side or one behind the other, tapping on them (which is how you get your troops to attack) would make both of them go after the defenses while also inflicting extra damage because of the combo.

Deploy your troops, tactics, and spells to attack

Now, we come to the turn-based part. The enemy can also attack your troops so you have to keep an eye on their attack counter which basically counts down to the number of moves you have before they attack. With each move, the counter goes down by 1 and they attack once it hits 0. As mentioned earlier, you tap on your troops to send them into the playing field and when similar troops are placed next to each other they activate big combos.

clash quest Clash Quest review

There’s a bunch of spells and special attacks which will help you in battle and like troops, you can unlock them as you progress through different islands. With enough gold and elixir, which is the loot you can get from winning battles, you can also upgrade your spells and troops. Aside from the gold and elixir, you can also get star chests with which you can access the store or League once you have enough of them.

A singleplayer game in the Clashverse with a familiar look

The graphics style is similar to that of Clash of Clans and Clash Royale with vibrant colors and textures while the in-game music is peppy as always and the sound effects are on point as well. There’s not much to the controls since you just have to click on troops to send them off into battle while the UI is also pretty simple and easy to get used to.

Like all other games by Supercell so far, there aren’t any ads to be found which is a pretty good thing while In App Purchases are optional. They can help you win battles and win the game faster but it’s not necessary, considering that the game is singleplayer.

Final Verdict

Clash Quest is a fun and challenging game which adds value to the Clash Universe. It also introduces new features to the game like boss battles, The graphics and music also fit in with the earlier games. However, there’s one problem. One feature which we really disliked was the addition of an energy system known as Quest Energy. It basically means that with each battle, you lose some Clash Energy.

There’s a bunch of reasons why this new energy system is annoying. If you have to redo a battle because you ran out of troops, you still lose Quest Energy and once you run out of them, you can’t play further until they recharge (which takes a lot of time) or you have some Quest Tokens which you can sometimes get a handful of for free from the shop (it usually gives some free stuff to players) or get some with gems, which in turn can be bought with real money. If people have been keeping up with mobile gaming for a while now and are aware of some other popular franchises which implemented such energy systems, they might know that those games lost steam because players weren’t willing to pay for more energy.

What are your opinions on the Clash Quest game and your review of it? Do let us know in the comments!

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