Clash Royale June 2023 update will allow players to obtain crowns and chests through Events

The return from the dead!

Much to the delight of the fans, Clash Royale will be bringing back the crowns and chests via the June 2023 update via Events mode. Tracking back from their decision of removing crowns and chests from Events 2.0, the update will once again allow players to obtain crowns through playing Event battles and chests from winning Event battles.

The intention of removal was to distinguish the primary gameplay of Clash Royale

Clash Royale’s creators chose to remove both crowns and chests from the 2v2 party mode, an event that attracted a large number of players, in a very controversial March update two months ago. This was owing to the fact that it was both rewarding and enjoyable. As a result, players reduced their game time in 2v2 modes because it was no longer as rewarding as it had been.

However, Clash Royale appears to have reversed its decision and will restore the adjustment in the upcoming June update, despite the fact that they believe this is not a permanent solution. This is mostly due to complaints from the Clash Royale community about how removing a source of Crowns and chests affected their progression from casual game modes.

Justification for their removal was also given, as their intention was to distinguish the primary gameplay of Clash Royale, Trophy Road, and Path of Legends from the casual Events and want to avoid all of the focus on playing Events, which didn’t go as planned.

In terms of future plans, the team is also pondering bigger adjustments, while hinting at getting away from the chest queue. However, because decisions take time to plan and implement, as players will continue to earn Crowns and chests until the update is ready.

What are your thoughts on theĀ Clash Royale June 2023 update bringing back crowns and chests in events? Do you think it is fair? Let us know in theĀ commentsĀ below!

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