Clash Royale Reverted Trophy System: Everything you need to know

Do you welcome this change?

Clash Royale is a real-time strategy game by Supercell, is one of the top mobile games available. Currently, at Season 19, the game has shown great potential and still has millions of active players. The game undergoes updates every season and these updates bring in a wave of new content and balance changes. A part of the update we received in Season 18 (7th December) is the new trophy system, this new system changed the way players lose trophies. Let’s have a look at how they are reverting this back in the upcoming Season 20. In this article, we’ll tell you about everything you need to know about the reverted trophy system in Clash Royale.

Clash Royale trophy system changes

The base trophies for every win is always 30/29 up to 7800 trophies, this hasn’t changed much. The number of trophies lost on a defeat is increased to keep matchmaking fair and allow players with appropriate card levels to progress to the respective arena. The last row of the image depicts the number of trophies we lose starting Season 18.

Clash Royale reverted trophy system

Earlier, the players with lower-level decks progressed faster because of the lesser number of trophies lost on every defeat. This made them reach higher arenas faster and then defeated continuously by players with higher-level decks. To fix this imbalance they made the changes listed below.

Below 600 Trophies

  • The players below 600 trophies there is very little deviation and can still progress at a rapid rate.

Between 900 and 4800 Trophies

  • The players between will lose an average of ~7% more trophies for every defeat.

Above 4800 Trophies

  • The players will lose an average of ~8% more trophies on each defeat.

This change will be in effect until season 19. After which according to the latest news from the development team, this change will be reverted to the old system from Season 20, so you will basically lose 7-8% less trophies based on the trophy range you are in.

Supercell’s compensation for players

Supercell has played with the system multiple times which has affected player progress. In order to compensate they announced that at the end of Season 19, the players between 4000 and 5799 trophies, trophy reset will be 25% instead of 50% when Season 20 starts. Players above 6500 trophies will be reset to 5800 regardless. So this may be more than 25%. So gather those trophies and climb more with these balance changes.

What’s your opinion about the reverted trophy system in Clash Royale? Do let us know in the comments!

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