Clash Royale Esports in 2021 is going to the biggest ever with a $600k+ prize pool

One of the world’s leading mobile game developers, Supercell, reveals its plans for the Clash Royale Esports in 2021. Supercell amazed all the Clash Royale lovers by announcing the biggest ever prize pool worth $1.6 million in total. Above all, Supercell officially confirmed is, the league will no longer have different teams and will focus on individual competitions. Moreover, it’ll be completely open to all. Here is a sneak peek of what’s special about Clash of Royale Esports 2021.

Big things are in store for Clash of Royale Esports in 2021

Supercell declared that the upcoming year will be of individual champions. The Clash of Royal League in 2021 will have eight seasons in total. Surprisingly, this time the tournament will be completely open for all and the top 1000 players will make it to the monthly qualifiers. Besides this, a global leaderboard will keep a track of all the points earned by different players. Moreover, all 8 seasons will consist of a Royal Rumble, monthly qualifiers, and ultimately a monthly final. Besides the $600k prize pool for monthly qualifiers, they will also be getting crucial qualification points.

 Clash Royale Esports 2021

From the monthly qualifiers, the best will advance to the monthly finals. However, Supercell revealed that the top 24 players with higher points will advance to the finals, from the first 7 seasons. In addition, the closing season will be played in the month of October, where the last 8 players from the select 32 players will be determined.

The Clash of Royale League 2021 is back to the mobile game’s roots of individual matches. CRL will focus on individual competitions and the CRL World Finals will have 32 players in total, competing for a share of the $1 million prize pool and the renowned Golden Crown Trophy. This time, anyone can participate in the Clash of Royal league and compete with millions of individual gamers to win the CRL Champion title.

This is to create a space for a better esports experience for players across the globe, no matter from which location they come from.

CRL 2021 start date and qualifiers

The all-new Clash Royale League has begun on January 4th, 2021, starting with the competition for trophies during this season-long challenge. The top 1,000 players on the Global Leaderboard will move on to compete in the monthly qualifier in February, who will be notified via the in-game message. The 2021 CRL League will feature 8 distinct Rounds, each comprising of a Global Leaderboard qualifier or Trophy Race, Monthly qualifiers, and then a Broadcast Monthly Final.

After the Monthly Final 1 is played in February, Round 1 of CRL 2021 is complete! Even though all eight Rounds are the same, it is important to note that subsequent Rounds will begin before the previous Rounds have completed. This means that Round 2 kicks off with Trophy Race 2 starting on February 1st and will run simultaneously with Monthly Qualifier 1 and Monthly Final 1!

Trophy Race 1: January 4th – 31st

Round 1 begins with Trophy Race 1 which has started on January 4th and will continue through January 31st. The first stage of each CRL Round is the Trophy Race. The Trophy Race is a monthly in-game Ladder Qualification where the Top 1000 players at the end of the stage will move forward to the Monthly Qualifier. The Trophy Race matches the in-game Season, so it’s easy to tell how much time you have to compete!

Monthly qualifiers 1: February 13th – 14th

Once you’ve placed in the Top 1000 at the end of the Trophy Race, you will enter the second stage of the competition, the Monthly Qualifier. The Monthly Qualifier is a two-day tournament where top players face off in the new Duel Format. It will give the top 32 players cash prizes. The Global Leaderboard will track points gathered at each event during the year.

Registration for the Monthly Qualifier stage will take place outside of the game on a tournament platform. A tournament platform account is required. During registration, you will choose one of four (4) time slots on the first day to compete in a Swiss-style bracket. The second day of the Monthly Qualifier features eight (8), 4-Player Double Round Robin groups, with the top player from each group advancing to the Monthly Final.

While the Monthly Qualifiers will not be broadcast on the Clash Royale Esports Youtube channel, you’ll be able to tune-in and watch gameplay from the players themselves. Any player competing in the Monthly Qualifiers has the option to stream their gameplay via the platform of their choice.

Monthly Final 1: February 20th – 21st

Once you’ve beaten your competition and claimed a top spot in the Monthly Qualifier, you will advance to the third and final stage of the CRL Round: the Monthly Final. The Monthly Final features the top eight (8) players engaging in a 2-day Duel Format Double Elimination tournament to determine the CRL Round’s winner.

The Monthly Final for every Round will broadcast on the Clash Royale Esports YouTube channel. Monthly Final broadcasts will start at 2:00 PM GMT

In addition to these, the top 24 players with the highest amount of points by end of September will qualify to compete at the 2021 Clash Royale League World Finals. Moreover, in October, the last chance qualifier will allow the players with the next highest points to compete for the remaining 8 World Finals spots. Above all, the 2021 CRL World Finals will see the top 32 players battle to be crowned World Champion and grab home the reward. Here’s more about these two rounds.

Last Chance Qualifier

The Last Chance Qualifier is a single-elimination bracket to determine the final eight (8) players that will receive an invitation to the CRL 2021 World Finals. Players with a Competitive Leaderboard standing of twenty-fifth to fifty-sixth (25th to 56th) place will compete.

World Finals

After all of your hard work throughout the eight (8) Rounds, it’s time to reap the rewards. The twenty-four (24) players with the most points on the Competitive Leaderboard, along with the eight (8) players from the LCQ, will be invited to participate in the 2021 CRL World Finals. With over $1,000,000 on the line, you’re not going to want to miss this!

Prize Pool Breakdown

PlaceMonthly QualifiersCRL World Finals
5th & 6th$3,000$35,000
7th & 8th$2,000$35,000
9th -16th$1,500$25,000
17th – 32nd$1,000$15,000

CRL 2021 Point System

The point system is used to create a leaderboard that tracks player progress and ranks players based on their performance throughout the year in CRL. Points are important because the top point earners at the end of the eight Rounds will be invited to compete at World Finals!

Each stage of CRL 2021 allows players to earn points. The higher you place in each stage, the more points you earn. Points accumulate across these eight Rounds and count towards players’ Competitive Leaderboard standing. At the end of eight Rounds, we will determine the top twenty-four points leaders and offer them an invitation to the 2021 Clash Royale World Finals. Players ranked twenty-fifth to fifty-sixth will have a chance to battle it out in the Last Chance Qualifier, facing off to secure the final eight (8) slots to the World Finals. Every Round counts, so shoot for your career-high every Trophy Race!

Supercell is dedicated to Fair Play in Clash Royale, and the Esports is no exception. All players in the Top 1000 will be subject to manual checks by the Fair Play team which can result in bans for players who break the Terms of Service.

What are your thoughts on the Clash Royale Esports 2021? Are you excited like us for the mega event? Drop your comments in the comment section below!

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