Clash Royale Season 38: Clash from the Past brings the Arcade tower skin and balance changes

Unlock new skins, and new challenges!

Season 38 of Clash Royale will start rolling soon as confirmed by Supercell. Named Clash from the Past, the event featured a pixel-art style theme. Clash from the Past is a documentary that portrays the evolution of the Clash universe, going from an arcade game in 1982 to a console game and finally on mobile. 

Clash from the Past introduces new skin and challenges to Clash Royale

As per a video posted by Clash Royale’s official YouTube channel, the game will bring an awesome arcade tower skin. Plus the arena is pixelated now. 

With the new season in coming, there are some emotes coming as well.

Clash Royale Barbarian Launcher challenge
Image via Supercell

New battle banners will also be live in-game. A new Barbarian Launcher challenge is coming to the game with the new season.

Clash Royale Season 38: Balance Changes

The game is introducing some new balance changes. Here are the details of the latest balance changes:

  • The Prince will have a more charging state now but the speed of his movement remains the same as before.
  • Ram Rider is getting an upgrade to its charging state. 
  • Spawn damage of Mega Knight was reduced before which caused a performance drop. But the developers, instead of fixing it, made some adjustments to the time of spawn. It’s reduced now.
  • The Executioner will get a wide range now. After the new adjustment is live in-game, this troop can attack further.
  • Ice Golem is mostly confined in his classic deck. Thus, to make him more useful, he will get a small increase in the buff.
  • Golden Knight will get some nerf. 
  • Skeleton King will get a nerf in soul collecting ability.
  • Damage reduced for the Electro Giant.
  • Fireball spell will get some nerf in pushback. 
  • Fire Spirit was overpowered before. The new season will carry a nerf.
  • Elixir Golem will do more hitpoints. So do the Golemites. 

The update will be introduced after a maintenance break. Players will get the notice in time. 

Are you excited about Clash Royale Season 38: Clash from the Past? Let us know in the comments below!

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