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COD Mobile connection issue: Activision is working on a fix

From the past few seasons, Call of Duty Mobile players’ have been facing various in-game problems and the COD Mobile Connection issue is one of the topmost ones. Many servers have reported latency related problems.

Players started panicking about this issue. And a huge wave of social media comments started coming towards COD Mobile. So, finally, Activision has responded to the players and has decided to address it as they are already working on a fix. On their last community update, they have mentioned,

COD mobile connection issue, Call of Duty mobile connection issue
Activision addresses the Connection issue in game.

Reason for COD Mobile Connection issue?

“Connection Terminated / Connection Timed Out” is the error that COD Mobile players have been receiving after the new updates. Call of Duty Mobile may not connect or launch due to a number of factors. Oftentimes, game issues may go away on their own due to server-side lag, network errors, coding problems, or temporary glitches. Also, this error crops up when the game servers are busy, or the game servers not available in your region. Moreover, Call of Duty Mobile may not work properly when the internet connection is intermittent or weak. But, now Activision has addressed this issue and is working on fixing this issue so that players’ can have a smooth experience while playing the game.

When will Activision fix this issue?

According to the community update, that they will continue to investigate these connection issues and will continue to help their player base through the player support channels. However, Activision has also urged the players to report the issues. This can be done through the Twitter handle or through in-game chat, If it becomes consistent, especially after any in-game patch or update.

Issues like this are not uncommon for popular games, especially after certain updates. So, for a company like Activision, it should not be taking more than a couple of days to fix it. But if they fail to fix the “COD Mobile connection issues” issue then they might lose a huge block of their players’ base.

Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments section below, we’ll make sure to reply to everyone. We hope you find this helpful as COD Mobile connection issues are expected to be fixed soon.

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How can i get back my old acc i’am lost it….plss help me any one?!…


When I play mp or br match I keep getting lag spikes, it starts at 42-46 ms and then suddenly 180 ms for a couple times in 1 match.


Hello. Recently, CODM season 6 have dropped. It is a great update. But, unfortunately I am unable to play on WiFi meanwhile on cellular data the game is running fine. Is there any issue with the servers? (Never faced this problem before)

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