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COD Mobile Leaks suggest the return of Shipment 1944 map in the next season

Call of Duty Mobile delivers a great Multiplayer experience to players along with a revamped Battle Royale experience. Today we bring to you the latest news coming from various leaks in which they have hinted at the return of the Shipment 1944 map which will be coming in the next season of COD Mobile.

Shipment 1944 map is coming back to Call of Duty Mobile in Season 12 2022

Shipment 1944 is as small as it gets, a tight and nearly symmetrical square forcing players into constant conflict in and around supply crates sitting on the beach. It’s a matter of seconds before the first engagement begins, and it’s nonstop after that.

The layout breaks down into two major areas: in the center where two intersecting lanes cross between the stacked middle crates, and the perimeter, a square border around the center. Players can enter five of the crates, with four to each side of the perimeter and one in the middle. Two of the crates are clear and open on both sides, while the other three are closed on one end and hold barrels for slight protection inside. These are often occupied, especially the middle one.

Barrels extend from the outside corners of the central crates for cover when defending or peaking around corners. The perimeter corners provide some cover as well, with a vehicle in each corner on the right side of the map, and supply boxes and barrels on the left. 

COD Mobile Shipment 1944 map
Image via Activision

Finally, be aware that the open crates on the left and right sides of the map are slightly askew to their adjacent supply boxes, leaving small open wedges on either end. Enemies often occupy these areas, hoping for an easy kill against players dashing through the area. 

When the Shipment 1944 map will return in COD Mobile

Te final question that arises is the release date of the Shipment 1944 map in COD Mobile. Developers have not stated the exact date of release, but we guess that it will arrive in Season 12 2022 of the game.

Are you excited to play in this Shipment 1944 map in COD Mobile next season? Drop in your opinions in the comments section below!

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