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COD Mobile player Flash jailed for 14 years for murdering fellow COD Mobile pro

The murder was shocking news for the community!

Every one of us makes friends online by playing games. We make a lot of friends throughout our gaming journey. While there are a lot of examples of these friendships going a long way. Some examples might shock the world too. One happened last year when a Brazilian female Call of Duty: Mobile pro, Ingrid “SOL” Oliveira Bueno da Silva, was murdered by another player named Guilherme “Flash Asmodeus” Alves Costa. After almost two years, COD Mobile player, Flash has been jailed and the court sentenced him to 14 years for murder and filming the corpse. 

Flash murdered Sol, filmed it and uploaded the video on Instagram and WhatsApp

Sol was murdered on February 23, 2021, in Sao Paulo. Alves Costa lured the 19-year-old to his own house in Sao Paulo, where he murdered Sol by brutally stabbing her. The duo met online through the game COD Mobile and soon got close. 

Alves Costa filmed the whole murder and uploaded it on Instagram and WhatsApp. He shared the video with his group ”Gamers Elite Organization. In the video, Alves Costa can be heard saying, “Look, how wonderful” while filming the corpse. The group soon reported the crime to the police, and Alves Costa was arrested within hours of committing the crime.

After getting arrested, Alves Costa showed no remorse and told the police that “he wanted to do it”. After further investigation, police discovered that the murderer had been planning it for a long time. 

The court found Alves Costa guilty and sentenced him for 14 years in jail without appeal

On August 15, the court found the accused guilty of murder by a majority jury verdict. Judge Michelle Porto de Medeiros Cunha Carreiro sentenced the COD Mobile Player to 14 years of jail with no right to appeal.

Alves Costa has also been advised to get psychiatric treatment after being diagnosed with a delusional and antisocial personality disorder. The Brazilian community and Sol’s team have expressed their satisfaction with the verdict, hoping that no one else will face such a fate.

What are your thoughts about Call of Duty: Mobile (COD M) player “Flash” being jailed for murder? Let us know in the comments below!

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