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COD Mobile Season 10 2022 World Class update: New map, modes, and more

Plethora of new contents!

Season 10 2022, which has been named World Class and is also the 3rd anniversary update will launch on November 8th, 2022 at 5:30 am IST, bringing brand-new combat to COD Mobile. Season 10 includes a new multiplayer map and perk, a Battle Royale class, the new Tournament mode, and more coming to Call of Duty Mobile’s newest season.

Engage in top-notch espionage by deploying to the new Crossroads Multiplayer map. Be a class act with the first-ever Mythic operator, Spectre – T-3 and customize your armor! Settle the score on and off the field with three new BR locations where winning and losing is life or death. Get the most recent 50-Tier Battle Pass along with stunning Store improvements, including a new Legendary Melee weapon, because a spy is only as good as their tools.

COD Mobile Season 10 2022 World Class update: Key Highlights

COD Mobile Season 10 2022: Battle Pass

New Operators, a new usable weapon, Weapon Blueprints, Calling Cards, Charms, COD Points, and other premium and free goodies are available in Season 10’s brand-new Battle Pass.

COD Mobile Season 10 2022
Image via Activision

Battle Pass Free Tiers

The new LAPA is a full-auto submachine gun that was first added to Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, and according to its in-game description, it is a “lightweight prototype with reliable damage and good firing control, unlocked at Tier 21. Also, there will be the new BR Class – Quick Strike, unlocked at Tier 14, are both included in this season’s free Battle Pass DLCA variety of camos, weapon blueprints, and the Spider Chow Calling Card at Tier 50 are additional free goodies for this season.

Premium Pass Tiers

Get the Battle Pass to unlock new Operator Skins like Urban Tracker – Tracked, Park – Forward EN, Ajax – Weiner Winner, and Pogba, as well as all of the material accessible in the Spy vs. Spy stream. Other premium tier highlights include soccer-themed Weapon Blueprints like the ASM10 — Midfield Legend, the LAPA — Hot Dog Rifle, and the NA-45 — Athletic Soul.

COD Mobile Season 10 2022: Multiplayer updates

New Map: Crossroads Strike

Call of Duty classic map Crossroads Strike will be available in the map pool. Players can experience a fast-paced battle in this snow-covered base. There are some uncharted areas waiting for players to explore

COD Mobile Season 10 2022 test server crossroads
Image via Activision

Crossroads is one of the larger maps that Call of Duty Mobile has to offer. Comprising of clifftop buildings providing a near-limitless number of sightlines, a frozen lake with next to no cover, and an abandoned satellite station atop another cliff, Crossroads is a perfect setting for big team battles and plenty of long-range battles.Rather than the typical three-lane design, Crossroads has been made with the 12v12 modes in mind, and is a lot of fun.

New Operator Skill: Ballista EM3

The Ballista EM3 is a unique weapon that due to its one-shot/one kill nature and high penetration power, is highly useful against lined-up groups of enemies. The weapon’s iron sights, like the Smart Shot optical sight, create a centred outline of the target. Although this is not the ideal weapon to use up close, a skilled marksman may use it to devastating effect at a distance.

As it will always be a one shot kill, it is essential to make sure to wait until the enemy are fully targeted by its unique sight before firing. This weapon is considerably more likely than any other in the game to result in collateral damage or surface penetration kills because of the nature of its penetration powers.

The Trial Loadout system

For a brief period of time, the Trial Loadout system will be evaluated online. We look forward to hearing your insightful comments. It is a unique loadout where players can equip and bring into the game a variety of weapons, equipment, and talents. This can make it easier for you and your friends to compete fairly. Weapons that have been activated will be able to use any attachment.

Activated items can be switched by the player using their points. In rated matchups, more points can be obtained. In this Trial Loadout, classes from Battle Royale can also be activated. Players can also exchange one permanent item or weapon each month. Every month, redemption starts over on the first.

Ranked Match Update

Honour display has been added to Ranked matches. There are 10 Honors available in five different ranked modes: Charge Forward, Geometry Master, Master of Capture, etc. The devs hope that players have their own clearer position and unique tactical style in battle. Here are the key features of this update:

  • Decreased the rewards of the new map challenge of Master I and above.
  • Optimized the small icons of the top 5000.
  • Optimized the effect of the selected while selecting the mode in a ranked match.

Map updates in Ranked matches

  • Frontline
    • Devs have removed some maps with complex engagement areas and poor experience. Devs have also optimized maps that will be added to the New Map Pool for Frontline.
    • Maps Removed: Scrapyard MW, Miami Strike
    • Maps Added: Express, Hijacked
  • Team Deathmatch
    • The newly added Team Deathmatch maps in S4 are properly performing. We will add them to the Generic Map Pool.
    • Maps Added to the Generic Map Pool: Favela, Apocalypse, Summit
    • Maps Added: Express, Hijacked
  • Search and Destroy
    • The newly added maps in S4 are properly performing. We will add them to the Generic Map Pool.
    • Maps Added to the Generic Map Pool: Favela, Summit, Takeoff
  • Domination
    • The newly added Domination maps in S4 are properly performing. We will add them to the Generic Map Pool.
    • Maps Added to the Generic Map Pool: Favela, Nuketown
    • Map Added: Express
  • Hardpoint
    • The newly added Hardpoint maps in S4 are properly performing. We will add them to the Generic Map Pool.
    • Maps Added to the Generic Map Pool: Apocalypse, Raid
    • Map Added: Express

Mythic Weapon System Update

Players can choose not to show the number of fully upgraded Mythic weapons in BASIC settings. Players can choose combo kill effects of the Mythic weapon as a regular killing effect after unlocking level 2 in the new Mythic upgrade system.

Other Updates

Devs have optimized the display logic of KD ranking. Now it is related to the number of matches in the whole season.

COD Mobile Season 10 2022: Battle Royale updates

New Gameplay mode: Escort

Two rounds make up the mode. Either the attacking team or the defending team will have players. The attacking team cannot accompany the Truck to the target objective, so the defending team must stop them. The group guides the truck to more precise victories.

New Vehicle: Hover Bike

COD Mobile Season 10 2022
Image via Activision

The Hoverbike, called Jetbike internally, is a vehicle that appears in the campaign of battle royale mode. It has an articulated hover unit underneath it tilting in all directions allowing it to hover meters over the air. Its angular armour is designed to deflect enemy fire.

Tournament Mode updates in COD Mobile Season 10 2022

Since the launch of Tournament, we’ve been collecting feedback from players and have made some improvements.

Revision of trophy mechanism: The trophy will not only be rewarded by winning the game, but also related to the performance of every single player. The player with excellent performance in the defeated team has a chance to get more trophies.

Removal of 4-match-round and paid extra match mechanism: It did not achieve the results we expected, but instead brought a lot of trouble for many players. Therefore we removed it and left the four consecutive crates in the free line of milestones.

Revision of ranking mechanism: after being on the leaderboard, players can accumulate a trophy maximum of 100 in Tournament per week, and extra games will not be counted; after combining with the revision of the trophy mechanism, we hope that players on the ranking can improve their performance in each game, rather than competing for the number of games to improve the ranking. Popular modes among players such as Alcatraz, Ground War, etc, will be available in the Tournament.

Store updates in COD Mobile Season 10 2022

Soccer Stars

Season 10 brings Lucky Draws featuring Neymar Jr. and Leo Messi alongside themed Weapon Blueprints and other items. Don’t miss your chance to play as two of soccer’s greatest players.

Mythic Spectre

Call of Duty: Mobile’s first-ever Mythic Operator lands in Season 10 as a heavily upgradeable Spectre. Customize the skin through three upgrade paths that evolve the armor’s color and complexity.

Battle Pass Vault

Do you wish you had completed the Tokyo Escape Battle Pass, or that you had started playing in time for Going Dark? Use the new Battle Pass Vault to purchase previous Battle Pass content to unlock access to content you missed out on.

Use Battle Pass Coins earned in the current season’s Battle Pass to unlock tiers in the previous Battle Pass content available in the Battle Pass Vault. Tiers containing any previously earned content can be unlocked at a discount. For every former Battle Pass purchased, players will instantly unlock one Operator, one Weapon Blueprint, one Charm, and one cosmetic item.

You will continue to have access to any Battle Passes purchased in the Battle Pass Vault from season to season, allowing you to make progress over multiple seasons. Players who continue to play after Tier 50 in the current Battle Pass will earn Battle Pass Coins as well as store credits.

New Additions and Optimizations in COD Mobile Season 10 2022

Weapon Optimization

  • New screen vibration tool to optimize weak vibration, making the experience sharper and cleaner.
  • Strengthened the performance of hipfire and ADS fire, and enhanced the sense of power.
  • Optimized the animation performance while firing continuously. Improved the incoherent issue of animation of continuous firing. Optimized the vibration amplitude of the optical sight while continuously firing to enhance the sense of combat without increasing the pressure of aiming.

The following weapons have been optimized:

  • SVD
  • ASM10
  • ICR-1
  • KRM-262
  • MW11
  • DL Q33
  • Kilo Bolt-Action
  • PKM
  • M13
  • Kilo 141
  • GKS

Weapon SFX Optimization

  • Most of the weapons in this optimization are classical weapons from early. We improved the sound quality by retaining the original sound features.
  • Devs adjusted the frequency bands and reverberation of reloading and firing based on a unified sound style to make sound effects more natural and further improve the hitting feel.

The following weapons have been optimized:

  • AK117
  • M16
  • Man-O-War
  • DL Q33
  • MW11/J358
  • SPR-208
  • BY15
  • M4
  • AK-47
  • DR-H
  • QQ9
  • FR .556
  • KRM-262

Optimization on Scorestreaks and Operator Skills

  • In this optimization, we remake some assets of the scorestreaks and operator skills to enhance overall performance.
  • Improved the experience through animation, sound optimization and using a screen vibration tool to enhance the sense of combat in some scorestreaks.

The following weapons have been optimized:

  • Scorestreaks
  • Napalm
  • Chopper Gunner
  • VTOL Unified Optimization
  • Cluster Strike
  • Airdrop
  • Shield Turret
  • Sentry Gun
  • Stealth Chopper
  • UAV/Advanced UAV/C-UAV Optimization
  • Hawk X3
  • MQ-27 Dragonfire
  • Operator Skills
  • Purifier
  • Reactor Core
  • Death Machine

Other Optimizations

  • Optimized bolt animation, ADS won’t be interrupted by bolt animation.
  • Optimized melee animation, determination and animation of Kali Sticks and Knife updated.
  • Optimized bullet chain display, the actual number of remaining bullets can be shown on display.

General Updates

  • New Features
    • Added Left-handed Tactical, players can use throwables with their left hand instead of switching weapons (MP only).
    • Added Enemy Tactical Scope Flash, players can be alerted by the flash from a sniper.
    • Added Melee Weapon Adsorption, a melee weapon that has a sprint adsorption effect for easier hitting when attacking a close enemy.
  • Weapon Comparison System
    • Added display of original bullet spread value in addition to the maximum value.
    • Added display of dates in the interface for helping compare the data before and after updates.
    • Optimized some UI displays.
    • Fixed a bug of miscalculations of bullet spread value of some attachment
    • Fixed a bug of occasional miscalculations of bullet spread value of hip fire
    • Fixed a bug of Swordfish about an incorrect display of round burst number
  • OB System Updates
    • Added collision switch of OB free camera
    • Optimized the display of numbers in the minimap
    • Fixed a bug of hidden flame switch failure
  • Soldier Return System Updates
    • Added characters, weapons, BP XP bonus and Rank XP bonus for returning soldiers
    • Added a questionnaire for returning soldiers. Returning soldiers will get rewards after completing the questionnaire. We’re always looking forward to your feedback to help us on developing a better game.
    • The rarity of some soldiers returning rewards is increased.
  • Private Room Updates
    • In Multiplayer, the room settings won’t be altered if only the map gets changed.
  • New Features in Settings
    • A new switch has been added to the sensitivity setting. You can choose to bind the sensitivity to the device resolution or the rendering resolution. When binding the device resolution, the sensitivity will not change with the image quality setting.
    • Added switches for Enable Left-handed Tactical / Enemy Tactical Scope Flash.

When will COD Mobile Season 10 2022 start

The new season will commence on November 8th, 2022 and the battle pass season has begun on November 10th, 2022. We hope you enjoy season 10 2022 of Call of Duty Mobile!

We hope you find this COD Mobile Season 10 2022 about the World Class update article helpful. Then, please feel free to ask any questions in the comments section below, we’ll make sure to reply to everyone. 

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