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COD Mobile Season 7 New Vision City update: New map, modes, and more

Plethora of new contents!

Season 7 2022, which has been named New Vision City will arrive on August 4th, 2022 at 5:30 am IST, bringing brand-new combat to COD Mobile. Join Motoko in a major Call of Duty: Mobile and GHOST IN THE SHELL: SAC 2045 collaboration to battle the post-humans.

Season 7: New Vision City allows players to take on the cybernetic roles of Motoko or Batou, explore a brand-new area on the Battle Royale map Isolated called New Vision City, defeat post-human adversaries to improve their operator, complete missions with the cast of GHOST IN THE SHELL: SAC 2045 for significant rewards, and more. It will never be the same in Battle Royale.

COD Mobile Season 7 2022 New Vision City update: Key Highlights

COD Mobile Season 7 2022: Battle Pass

During Season 7 2022, players will have the opportunity to earn 50 new tiers of Battle Pass rewards. The Radical Raid update includes operators such as Blackjack – Elite and Motoko, new weapons like the Switchblade X9, Weapon Blueprints, Calling Cards, Charms, and COD Points (CP), and more launching throughout the season!

Battle Pass Free Tiers

This season’s free Battle Pass content includes the new Claw Operator Skill at Tier 14, granting a firearm utilizing ricochet ballistic rounds and a rapid-fire, five-shot spread. At Tier 21, unlock the Switchblade X9 SMG, a foldable weapon famed for its compact design. Other free rewards this season include a variety of camos, Weapon Blueprints, and the Arcane Slayer Calling Card at Tier 50.

Premium Pass Tiers

Purchase the Battle Pass for the chance to earn all of the content available in the New Vision City season, including GHOST IN THE SHELL: SAC_2045–inspired Operator Skins like Blackjack — Elite, Stryker — Interface, and Battery — EVE-III. The ultimate prize? Motoko herself. Other premium rewards include stylized Weapon Blueprints for the Kilo 141, Arctic .50, Shorty, and the new Switchblade X9. 

New Battle Royale Area: New Vision City

COD Mobile Season 7 2022
Image via Activision

The Battle Royale mode will feature a brand-new cybercity in the future inspired by the GHOST IN THE SHELL: SAC 2045 Netflix series. Only the cyber-themed neon lights lighting the high-rise structures provide illumination in the eternal darkness that envelopes New Vision City. The collaboration brings other immersive features, too. 

New Revive Mechanic: Instead of retrieving dog tags to revive your fallen teammates, you must now collect their ghosts. Found at the spot where they were eliminated, these ghosts allow you to begin the reprinting process, bringing them back into the game.

PVE Enemies: New AI robots and mechanical dogs have infiltrated Isolated, challenging players to PVE combat. Defeat these enemies to collect their parts, which can be exchanged for a Cyberware enhancement at the Redeem Facility.

Cyberware Enhancements: Operators can install one of four enhancements during a Battle Royale match. The Cyberbrain Drone allows you to connect to external terminals to control a microdrone that’s useful for scanning and hacking hostile targets; the Ocular System exposes nearby enemies and displays their stats; Cyberbody Limbs grants improved physical power and a transformed right arm for an aerial melee attack, and the Neuro Systems optimizes your precision and targeting abilities.

New Cyberware Abilities

COD Mobile Season 7 2022
Image via Activision

Use new Cyberware talents to embrace change and improvement. Battle Royale victory over the Post-Humans will provide you access to one of the following abilities: Cyberbody, Cyberbrain, Ocular System, or Neuro System.

COD Mobile Season 7 update
Image via Activision

Season 7 introduces new Ranked Seasonal Challenges that award new Weapon Blueprints, Operator Skins, and up to 30,000 Battle Pass XP in exchange for completing them. You’ll also have the opportunity to gain access to the new RPD signature attachment.

In Season 7, the map pool of Ranked Mode will be divided into two pools: the Generic Map Pool and the Seasonal New Map Pool.

Players ranked Pro or higher may randomly select maps from either map pools, while players ranked below Pro can only choose the maps from the generic map pool.

  • Generic Map Pool: Composed of maps with stable player experience and balanced performance, accessible for players of all Ranks.
  • Seasonal New Map Pool: Composed of new maps and optimized existing maps, accessible for players at the Pro Rank or higher.

New Map Ranked Protection: For players that get randomly queued into a new map pool and end up losing the ranked match, the new map challenge will trigger protection where the losing team can gain a Rank XP bonus.

Updated Map Pool in Ranked Mode

Team Deathmatch

Devs have removed a map where engagement paths were overly complicated and presented unnecessary difficulty for players to gain a head start. They will subsequently reevaluate and optimize the maps.

  • Removed Map: Scrapyard 2019
  • New Maps Added: Favela, Apocalypse, and Summit.

Search and Destroy

Devs have removed some maps with poor player engagement experience and unnecessary learning pain points. They will subsequently reevaluate and optimize these maps.

  • Removed Map: Hardhat and Vacant.
  • Newly Added Map: Favela, Summit, and Takeoff.


Devs have removed some maps with poor player engagement experience and unnecessary learning pain points. They will subsequently reevaluate and optimize these maps.

  • Removed Map: Hardhat, Vacant and Hacienda.
  • Newly Added Map: Favela and Nuketown.


Devs have removed some maps with poor player engagement experience and unnecessary learning pain points. They will subsequently reevaluate and optimize these maps.

  • Removed Map: Hardhat, Scrapyard 2019, and Vacant.
  • Newly Added Map: Apocalypse and Raid.

New Map Ranked Protection

For players that get randomly queued into a new map pool and end up losing the ranked match, the new map challenge will trigger protection where the losing team can gain a Rank XP bonus.

Other Optimization

  • Adjusted the weight of performance score and result score.
  • The settlement of Rank XP has been modified to increase the proportion of performance points and decrease the proportion of result points.
  • Optimized team-up ranked match experience.
  • Devs have improved the balance of team-ranked matches and reduced the queue time to enter the match.

Ranked Match Balance Optimization

  • Players at Legendary Rank will not join a match with players at Master Rank in the single ranked match.

Ranked Icons

  • Devs have added the 2022 S1 and S2 rank icons.
  • Limited-Time Offer for Tournament Seasonal Camos
  • Tournament Seasonal Camo Crates (Selectable) from previous Seasons are available for a limited period of time in the Tournament Milestone.
  • Players can now choose Tournament Seasonal Camos from the previous Seasons.

New Themed Event: Tongusa’s Survey

Motoko is connecting to the Control Board and she needs Togusa’s help. Uncover clues that she’s left for Togusa on the map to find her and help connect to the network.

Along with new Seasonal Challenges, Lucky Draws, and other features that will be available in the shop at launch and throughout the season, players can also anticipate several upgrades and improvements to the game in Call of Duty: Mobile – Season 7: New Vision City.

New features in COD Mobile Season 7 2022

Mythic Share

This feature allows players to share their fully leveled Mythic weapons with their teammates using Mythic weapon projections.

Feature Introduction

  • When the Mythic weapon reaches the highest level, the Mythic weapon share feature will be unlocked for players to share max-level Mythic weapons with their teammates.
  • The number of Mythic weapon projections that a player can share per round equals the number of max-level Mythic weapons the player owns.

Mythic Weapon Projection Features

  • Players may share the projection at the beginning of each round.
  • Mythic weapon projections will directly replace your teammate’s current primary weapon and can be dropped up to three times.
  • When the Mythic weapon projection is dropped in any form, the appearance will disappear and only the basic weapon shape and attachments will be retained.
  • Mythic weapon projection supports multiple MP modes. Mythic Share-related features can be turned on/off in settings.

In Battle Royale, a new weapon comparison system is now available, displaying more comprehensive and accurate information to help players select their own loadout. Vehicles in the Ground War now support camo equipment. The vehicle camo update in BR loadout will also sync with Ground War.

Store and UI updates in COD Mobile Season 7 2022

Season 7 has a major user interface overhaul. Leading the GHOST IN THE SHELL: SAC_2045 content offering is a new drop featuring an Epic Motoko Operator Skin and her Epic SMG Weapon Blueprint alongside other in-game items like the MW11 — Field Officer Weapon Blueprint, new Skins for the Echo Grenade and Rally Car, a Charm, an Emote, and more.

Other highlights coming in Season 7 include the think tank Tachikoma Vehicle as part of the Battle Royale Draw, plus an array of Legendary Weapon Blueprints and Operator Skins via new Lucky Draws that fit perfectly into the Ghost in the Shell narrative, such as the Hidora Kai — Shogun and Sparrowhawk. The GHOST IN THE SHELL: SAC_2045 collaboration begins when Season 7: New Vision City launches in Call of Duty Mobile at 5 PM PT on August 3rd, 2022.

COD Mobile Season 7 2022: Improvements and Optimizations

Multiplayer and Battle Royale

  • Jackal: Jackal will no longer refresh while the airport is outside of the safe zone.
  • CBR4 Nerfed: CBR4 is an SMG equipped with strong penetrating 5.7mm bullets. We initially hoped that CBR4 could exert a stronger dominance in the middle and close-range combat where it can assist players to deal with enemies behind cover with ease. However, this weapon turned out to be well-rounded in all kinds of situations with its high damage and damage multiplier, high penetration, and excellent mobility and stability. Devs have reserved their penetration and stability and adjusted the damage multiplier and ADS accuracy. This will require players to have higher aiming ability. Its sprint-to-fire is also adjusted to the average level of SMG.
    • ADS Bullet Spread: Increased
    • Damage Multiplier: Adjusted
    • Sprint-to-Fire Delay: Increased
    • Light Stock: Sprint-to-Fire Delay Buff: Reduced
  • MAC-10: This is an SMG with a high rate of fire and superior mobility. Even with the previous nerf, MAC-10 still remains dominant in close-range combat. Corner combats or combats in narrow alleys were exceptionally difficult situations for opponents to handle. As devs do not wish to adjust the mobility of this gun, this adjustment will only involve its shooting range and get-hit flinch. We hope with the following changes, players will think twice while selecting this gun in some scenarios and they also need to control the engagement distance more accurately.
    • Shooting Range: Reduced
    • Get-Hit Flinch: Increased
  • PP19 Bizon is the most controllable SMG once loved by players. However, PP19 Bizon has lost its shooting range and mag capacity advantages in comparison to other weapon updates. Devs have slightly increased its shooting range and reduced its get-hit flinch, hoping to enhance its effectiveness at medium combat range.
    • Shooting Range: Increased
    • Get-Hit Flinch: Reduced
  • PPSh-41 Buffed: Although the recoil of PPSh-41 was adjusted before, its horizontal recoil is still on the heavy side, making it hard to compete against the mainstream SMGs. Therefore, we have increased its damage-on-hit to make up for its heavier horizontal recoil.
    • Damage Multiplier: Increased
  • QQ9 Buffed: QQ9 used to be absolutely dominant at medium and close combat range. However, in the current version, the theoretical TTK at close range is only 10ms lower in comparison to the mainstream SMG. Therefore, we have increased its damage when hitting an opponent, as well as the probability of four shots to kill at medium and close range.
    • Damage Multiplier: Increased
  • AK117 Buffed: Devs have optimized its reload animation and slightly reduced its reload and empty reload time.
    • Tactical Reload Speed: Increased
    • Empty Reload Speed: Increased
  • DR-H Buffed:
    • Shooting Range: Increased
  • Man-O-War Buffed 🔼: The Man-O-War is a heavy weapon that should theoretically gain an advantage at medium and long range, however, its current stability was not compatible with its heaviness.
    • Recoil: Reduced
    • ADS Bullet Spread: Reduced
    • Get-Hit Flinch: Reduced
  • ASM10 Buffed: ASM10 is not a high fault-tolerance weapon. Its heavy recoil and firing animation interfere with the aiming, making it a difficult weapon for players to control. It is time to adjust these downsides.
    • Recoil: Reduced
    • Influence of ADS bullet spread on the firing animation: Reduced
  • KN-44 Buffed: KN-44 was supposed to be a weapon with a high gameplay potential, however, it is limited by its current damage multiplier. Its horizontal recoil is also difficult to control, which limits its stability and overall strength.
    • Horizontal Recoil: Reduced
    • Damage Multiplier: Increased
  • S36 Buffed: As a light machine gun, the ammo capacity of the S36 is too small and its horizontal recoil makes it difficult to control. We hope it can return to the battleground after the following adjustments.
    • Horizontal Recoil: Significantly Reduced
    • Basic Mag Capacity: Increased
  • UL736 Buffed: UL736 was benched for a relatively long time due to its unstable recoil limiting its strength. It’s time to change this situation.
    • Damage Multiplier: Increased
    • Horizontal Recoil: Greatly Reduced
  • HVK-30 Buffed: HVK-30 is not performing well in the current meta. We hope that, without any attachments, its performance can be improved up to an acceptable standard, and the strength of its large gauge ammo’s high damage at close range can be exerted.
    • Damage Multiplier: Adjusted
    • Range: Adjusted
    • Large Gauge Ammo Mag
    • Damage Multiplier: Adjusted
    • Damage: Adjusted
    • Fire Rate: Slightly reduced
  • FR .556 Buffed: FR .556 has been benched for too long, it’s time to bring this classic assault rifle back to the battleground!
    • Damage: Increased
    • Damage Multiplier: Increased
  • M4 Buffed: As a novice assault rifle, M4 has excellent mobility and stability. However, it has not had the spotlight for a long time due to its conservative TTK adjustments in the past. It is time to bring it back to the battleground!
    • Damage: Increased
    • Range: Increased

Multiplayer only

Scorestreaks Adjustment

  • UAV
    • Cruising Time: Reduced
  • Perk Adjustment
    • Hardline Nerfed: The bonus points gained by the Hardline perk will no longer increase the charging speed of the Operator Skill.
    • Dead Silence Nerfed: The sound spread distance while sprinting after being equipped with the Dead Silence perk: Slightly Increased

Battle Royale only

Passive Class Skills Adjustments

In previous versions, each class skill has a different passive skill, but these passive skills vary in terms of strength. For example, the passive skill of the Ninja class can reduce the footstep sound, which can provide great assistance to players in combat. The passive skill of the Hacker class, on the other hand, is only helpful when going against other Hacker classes.

Many players choose the Ninja class more to reduce the footstep sound, while others choose the Medic class just to reduce the time required for healing. All these options limit the diversity of classes to some extent. In order to provide a more diverse experience and choice, we are introducing a new system – the Profession System.

Class Profession

Devs have retained the passive skill of each class, and all classes will also share their profession-featured passive skill. These adjustments can help the passive skills be more compatible with the active skills.

  • Disruptor: After activating the skill, movement speed is increased for a period of time.
    • Include: Trickster, Trap Master, Smoke Bomber, Rewind, and Hacker.
  • Assassin: Reduces movement noises.
    • Include: Ninja, Poltergeist, and Pumped.
  • Rebound: Reduces time required for healing and bringing back knocked down teammates.
    • Include: Medic and Refitter.
  • Fortress: Reduces explosive damage and the duration of negative effects.
    • Include: Defender, Desperado, and Spotter.
  • Observer: Enemy footsteps can be heard from a distance.
    • Include: Scout, Clown, Mechanic, and Airborne.

Unless stated otherwise, the passive skills above are all additional effects that do not affect the original passive skills.

  • Ninja Class: As Ninja class is no longer exclusive to powerful passive skills, we have enhanced its mobility as compensation.
    • Charge Number of Times: Increased
  • Trickster: The trickster class no longer provides support for players to hear footsteps from a greater distance. Instead, it will provide a movement speed buff after activating the skill.
  • Airborne: The Airborne class is a beneficiary in this revision for it gained an additional passive skill. However, its long charge time makes it incompatible with the current fast pace of combat. Therefore, we have reduced its charging time.
    • Charging Time: Reduced
  • Poltergeist: In this revision, the Poltergeist class no longer gives a movement speed buff after activating the skill. Instead, it will have a powerful ability to reduce the sound of footsteps. We think this passive skill is more suitable for the position.
  • Trap Master: In this revision, the original passive is replaced with the movement speed buffs after activating the skill. As compensation, the original passive skill – speed buff charges – are converted into a base value increase instead.
    • Charging Time: Reduced
  • Smoke Bomber: In this revision, Smoke Bomber will no longer receive a movement speed buff after taking damage. It will receive the movement speed buff after activating the skill instead.
  • Refitter: In this revision, the Refitter class is a beneficiary as it gains an additional passive skill. Currently, the damage reduction of the Refitter requires multiple releases to stack up to its maximum effect, making it difficult to keep up with the current pace of combat. We have increased the number of charging times to create more flexibility.
    • Number of Charging Times: Increased
  • Spotter: In this revision, we have replaced the original passive with a reduction in explosive damage and duration of negative effects. Devs hope that the new passive can help the Spotter class combo up with its own active skill.
  • Rewind: In this revision, we removed its original passive and replaced it with a movement speed buff after activating the skill.
    • Advanced Attachment – Horizontal Recoil Suppression Attachment (Legendary) – Nerfed
    • This attachment increases the ADS movement speed greatly, which brings abnormal speed.
    • ADS Movement Speed Multiplier: Reduced

When will COD Mobile Season 7 2022 start

The new season is expected to commence on August 3rd, 2022 and the battle pass season will begin on August 5th, 2022. We hope you enjoy season 7 2022 of Call of Duty Mobile!

We hope you find this COD Mobile Season 7 2022 about the New Vision City update article helpful. Then, please feel free to ask any questions in the comments section below, we’ll make sure to reply to everyone. 

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