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COD Mobile: Secret Bunker will reveal enemy live locations

Call of Duty Mobile season 7 would be arriving soon. This update is going to bring in a plethora of new modes, features, and maps as well. As we mentioned in our previous article on Season 7, the Battle Royale section is going to have a host of new locations added. One of those maps named Black Market is going to have a special feature that lands on a mysterious side. This map will be having a Secret Bunker which will help the players to reveal the live locations of the enemies. Here’s all about COD Mobile Secret Bunker that you can expect.

All about Secret Bunker of COD Mobile Battle royale map

Black Market goes into the darker history of “Isolated”. On the surface, it looks like a normal town, but underneath it hides an advanced underground surveillance center and that is what we are calling Secret Bunker. It was previously used to survey Isolated and can still pinpoint the location of every enemy alive.

COD Mobile secret bunker
The secret surveillance center

Earlier there was a monitor present at a certain location which gave a hint of these secret bunkers and it looked somewhat like the image below. But now it has been turned to inform about maps being updated and new locations being added.

So it has come to light that players can use this Secret Bunker to see the exact location of every alive enemy along with the live location of all flying choppers. This would give ample motivation to the players to visit this underground area when Season 7 arrives in Call of Duty Mobile.

When COD Mobile Season 7 update will arrive?

The final question that arises after all these things is the arrival of these features that will come with the update. As we all know, recently Call of Duty Mobile announced a delay in the launch of season 7 amidst ongoing protests in the USA. But it is speculated that the update might launch within next week. So, we can say that the wait for season 7 would be over soon.

We hope you find this COD Mobile Secret bunker article helpful. Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments section below, we’ll make sure to reply to everyone. 

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Kaiser Momin

I’ve been in, I’ve gotten out. Decent no. Of supply boxes and medical boxes the only problem is the map doesn’t work. It’s only for show. Yep. Useless. If anyone knows how to use it. TELL ME HOW!

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