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Call of Duty Mobile Zombie Mode is Now Available

The Developers have been teasing the Call of Duty Mobile Zombie Mode from along time now. The players of the game have been waiting for the Call of Duty Mobile Zombie mode from a long time. Tencent Mobile and Timi games have started rolling out the Call of Duty Mobile Season 2 update now.

The long awaited Zombie mode is now available to play in the Season 2 update. Two different game modes, a new map, a limited time new map, controller support and even more.

Here is everything you need to know about the Zombie mode.

Call of Duty Mobile Zombie mode

The Call of Duty Franchise has always been well known for the Zombies mode. All the CODM games on consoles and PC have been offering Zombie mode along with the standard online Multiplayer game mode. For the Call of Duty Mobile, there are two different modes available to play in the Zombie mode.

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1. Raid Mode

Raid Mode in CODM

This new game mode entails a new map Shi No Numa which allows the players to explore the classic Call of Duty World at War zombies map. This is a point-based game mode which offers wall buys for weapons as well as the Locked doors.

There are several objectives in this game mode which include boarding windows and killing the Zombies. There are different levels of difficulty offered by this game mode and accordingly different levels are available to play. The Normal difficulty level has 8-round limit system whereas the hardcore difficulty has 12 round limits.

Abomination in CODM

Upon reaching the highest level of difficulty, the players have to fight the Zombie Boss- The Abomination. Even, there are more features in this game mode.

2. Endless Survival Mode

This game mode is the same as it sounds. This game mode allows players to face endless number of Zombies and to test their skill and find out their best score.

All the features of the Raid Mode, is also available in this mode. Except the final level which involves the Abomination. However, all other features of the Raid Mode are also available in the Endless Survival Mode. And it is useful for players to test their skills.

Apart from this, there are some unique weapons which are available in the game modes. These weapons come with some additional perks specific to that game mode. Activision says:

“However, these weapons may not be found on wall-buys, so if you cannot find a weapon turn to the mystery Box”.

Jump into the Zombie mode today, and let us now what you liked the most about the new mode in the comments section below.

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