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COD Warzone Mobile will have the self-revive feature during combat post-launch

One more feature to make the gameplay more closer to the original game!

One of the most anticipated upcoming games, Call Of Duty Warzone Mobile is already making news with leaked gameplay footage from the closed alpha tests. In one of such recent leaks, it’s revealed that COD Warzone Mobile will feature the self-revive feature, one of the key features of the original COD Warzone on the PC and consoles

While in combat, the enemies can knock down the player wherein they will become incapable of movement or fighting, and have to be revived by a teammate to get back on their feet and up and running. However, in COD Warzone, the self-revive feature enables the player to revive themselves if knocked out, without the aid of another teammate.

The self-revive feature will be available in COD Warzone Mobile, as seen in the leaked alpha gameplay footage. This is yet another step to ensure that the mobile version of the game is as close to the original version. This will help maximize the gameplay experience of the players who will choose to play it upon its official release.

The feature will be highly beneficial in gameplay and squad gunfights

Relying on teammates to cover each other’s backs and get the necessary revivals has always been the essence of the squad battle-royale games. Therefore, to say that the gameplay is the same after such an addition is a severe understatement. It especially affects the sniper gameplay over long distances. In almost all cases, the knocked enemy is either too far away to finish or involves going through the enemy line of fire.

COD Warzone Mobile Project Aurora Closed Alpha, COD Call of Duty Warzone Mobile Activision Cover
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This feature offers invaluable time to the knocked player to use the self-revive feature and patch themselves up to face the enemy push. It also hugely favors a team in a gunfight where a player can’t afford to leave the fight and revive the teammates. This exposes the rest of the team from an angle and thus there’s the risk of being killed. Thus, in such a situation, the self-revive feature will come in handy, enabling the player to revive themselves without relying on others.

Although the game is still in the alpha testing phase, we have a pretty good idea of what Warzone Mobile is going to look like, thanks to all the leaked footage. The graphics, according to most people still looks off and should be fixed as the game enters the final testing phase before release. Overall, the game looks pretty solid and could be the next big thing in the mobile gaming industry.

What are your thoughts about COD Warzone Mobile Selfrevive feature leaks? Drop-in your opinions in the comments section below!

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