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Com2uS has launched the Winter Updates for its Summoners War titles

Com2uS, the brains behind the popular fantasy RPG franchise Summoners War, has launched a series of new winter updates for its flagship RPG title, Summoners War: Sky Arena, and the follow-up PvP-style experience Summoners War: Lost Centuria. The Sky Arena update will bring in two new Monsters, Weapon Master and Fire Rune Hammer Blacksmith, along with a new Arena Interserver Battle Update enabling players around the world to partake in team multiplayer battles and new Holiday-themed and Mythical Scroll events. Furthermore, in Lost Centuria, players can now access the legendary Water Monster, Alicia Polar Queen, and participate in a winter-themed festival event.

Key features of the Summoners War: Sky Arena Winter update

New Monsters Weapon Master and Rune Hammer Blacksmith

Sky Arena players can now add two new monsters to their rosters, including Weapon Master and Rune Hammer Blacksmith. When utilizing Weapon Master, players can inflict enormous damage to the opponent by using powerful weapons.

Summoners War Winter Updates
New Monsters in Summoners War Sky Arena Winter Updates (Image via Com2us)

When using Rune Hammer Blacksmith, players can give beneficial effects to allies or harmful effects to opponents, and activate additional effects with a certain chance. Additionally, a New Monster Update Special Event is now live until December 27, where players can collect various rewards for summoning these coveted new Monsters.

Arena Interserver battle update

The holiday update will add a brand new Arena Interserver Battle update. Here Summoners representing six regions (Korea, Japan, China, Global, Asia, and Europe) can form a team and compete against each other. In this update, 10,000 Summoners are selected through a qualifier from a total of 200 teams of 50 players and battle with teams from other regions. The Arena Interserver Battle will be held for a total of 8 weeks.

Jolly Holiday and Bonus Mystical Scroll Event

In celebration of the holidays, Sky Arena players can participate in the Jolly Holiday event to collect holiday stockings and earn festive rewards, such as a Legendary Scroll, Mystical Scroll, and Devilmon. Players can claim the rewards until January 3rd, 2022.

Event 1: Happy Holidays!

Collect 1 or more Holiday Stockings from content drop every day to get Energy x50! The reward can be collected once a day, and each day resets at 7 am PST.

Event 2: Hang stockings on the wall!

Holiday gifts are available according to the no. of Holiday Stockings you collected.

  • 50 Holiday Stockings: 10 Mystical Scrolls
  • 100 Holiday Stockings: 10 Mystical Scrolls
  • 200 Holiday Stockings: 10 Mystical Scrolls
  • 300 Holiday Stockings: 10 Mystical Scrolls
  • 400 Holiday Stockings: 10 Mystical Scrolls

Event 3: Welcome to the holiday market!

Get Legendary Scroll x3/ Devilmon x1/ Reappraisal Stone x2/ Crystal x200/ 5★ Rainbowmon x1/ Summoning Stone x100/ Ancient Coin x50 using the collected Holiday Stockings.

  • Legendary Scroll x1 (-60 Holiday Stockings) – Up to 3 times
  • Devilmon x1 (-50 Holiday Stockings) – Up to 1 time
  • Reappraisal Stone x1 (-30 Holiday Stockings) – Up to 2 times
  • Crystal x100 (-20 Holiday Stockings) – Up to 2 times
  • 5★ Rainbowmon (Lv. 1) x1 (-20 Holiday Stockings) – Up to 1 time
  • Summoning Stone x50 (-15 Holiday Stockings) – Up to 2 times
  • Ancient Coin x25 (-10 Holiday Stockings) – Up to 2 times

Moreover, Starting from today until December 27th, 2021, players can participate in a special bonus event where they can earn 1 bonus Mystical Scroll when they use 10 Mystical Scrolls. Rewards will be available until December 28th, 2021.

Key features of the Summoners War: Lost Centuria Winter update

New Water Monster Alicia Polar Queen

The latest update introduces a new legendary Water Monster “Alicia” Polar Queen to players’ rosters. Alicia is an attack-type monster that removes all beneficial effects from opponents and inflicts an Ice Bomb status on enemies along with damage.

Enemies affected by the Ice Bomb will have their basic attack speed slowed, take continuous damage, and become frozen at the end of the battle. Players can obtain Alicia through a special summon event for Season 8 and also claim new Legendary skill stones.

Winter Festival Event

Summoners War Winter Updates
New Christmas event in Summoners War Lost Centuria Winter Updates (Image via Com2us)

Additionally, the update includes a special festival event to celebrate the upcoming holiday season. Until December 27th, 2021 players will have the opportunity to complete special quests and acquire tokens, which can be exchanged for various items, such as Legend/Hero Monster Pick Cards, Ancient Books, and Mystical Books.

That’s all for the Summoners War Winter updates. Let us know if you have any sort of questions, in the comment section below!

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