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Cookie Run: Kingdom 11th August Update brings new powers and boosters for Milk and Rye Cookie

New powers for your favourite cookies!

The latest Cookie Run: Kingdom 11th August update is out now, and players will find many new features in the game. This update mainly focuses on Guild and Kingdom Production, and players will be excited to find that there’s more guild content available, as well as more exciting rewards. There are also new Magic Candies for Milk and Rye Cookie, which are probably going to be popular choices in Arena in the upcoming days.

Changes in the Guild System and new Bosses

1. Introducing two new Guild mode Bosses

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While previously, Guild Battle only had the Red Velvet Dragon as a boss, this new update has brought 2 additional guild bosses to the mix. One of them is the Avatar of Destiny, where adding more debuffs to the boss only makes it stronger, and the other is the Living Abyss, a monster from World 13 that constantly produces minions while you attack it. It also chips away the health of your tank.

2. New Guild Battle rules

A major change has been added to Guild Battle. Before the update, the game only lets you do 3 battles daily. However, a new Ticket system has been added, where you can get 3 tickets per day and you can use your tickets anytime. The tickets cap at 9 slots and the cap can’t be increased. Each season consists of 4 rounds, and each round lasts for a week. Players can battle the dragon for 6 days while the 7th day is always used for tallying the total trophies and rewards that the guild receives.

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Additionally, there’s a limit to how many times you can battle each boss. You can only fight a boss 8 times maximum, so you’ll have to distribute the remainder of your hits to the other bosses too. When a boss is defeated, a higher-level boss takes its place, and the whole guild receives Heroic Torches and Heroic Medals.

Another thing to note is that if you beat a boss while your team is alive and there’s still time remaining, you can choose to fight the next level of the boss without using up an extra ticket. There are also 5 team slots now instead of 3, so you can experiment on which of your cookies do better on certain bosses!

3. Guild Medal shop

A new shop has been added to the game, and players can exchange their Heroic Medals for various goods in the shop. The highlights include Legendary Soulstones (there’s a 50/50 chance of either Legendary Soulstone showing up in your shop, and the current Soulstone is not the same for every player), Epic Soulstones, Guild Relics, and Radiant Shards.

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Since Medals are obtained from defeating bosses and ranking at a high place on the leaderboard when the season is over, then be sure to participate in your battles when you can! It’s also advisable to try to get into an active guild if the current one you’re staying in has inactive members. If you’re lucky enough to be in a guild that ranks in Main and up, you can get Rainbow Cubes after each Season!

The addition of his Magic Candy makes Milk Cookie a powerful defender. He taunts the enemy team and forces them to attack him while he decreases the amount of damage he receives. After the skill, he removes all debuffs and heals the team a small amount. Additional Magic Candy Levels buff him and give him True Damage to cookies.

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His candy can be crafted using Strength Crystals, Soul Essence, and Milk Cookie’s Resonants. Resonants can be produced in the Magic Laboratory, and players need sufficient Pure Crystals and Milk to craft the Resonants. Milk Cookie has also received a buff in this update, and has 35% more base ATK, 12.5% more DEF, and 20% more HP.

The addition of her Magic Candy makes Rye Cookie one of the strongest single-target cookies around. She attacks the enemy with two fast pistols and targets the enemy with the least amount of Maximum HP. Afterward, she applies a Burn debuff, which slowly takes away small amounts of HP from the enemy. Additional Magic Candy Levels buff her and provide an extra ATK Speed buff to her allies.

Image via Devsisters

Her candy can be crafted using Swiftness Crystals, Soul Essence, and Rye Cookie’s Resonants. Resonants can be produced in the Magic Laboratory, and players need sufficient Pure Crystals and Flour to craft the Resonants. Rye Cookie has also received a buff in this update and has 3.1% more base ATK, 15% more DEF, and 20% more HP.

Two new Epic Treasures

Two new Epic treasures have been added to the game. The first treasure is called Divine Honey Cream Crown, which provides an aura that gives buffs to your cookie with the highest ATK stat. It increases the CRIT chance and CRIT damage to the cookie for a short time. It can be received from the Treasure Gacha, and you’ll have a 1% chance of receiving it.

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The second treasure is called The Order’s Sacred Fork, which provides a buff for your whole team instead of just one cookie. Additionally, it gives damage proportional to every cookie’s ATK, and it works for both their skills and normal attacks. It has added damage to bosses too. It looks like it would be a great fit for Guild Battle, and coincidentally, it can only be received from the Guild Gacha exclusively.

Additional in-game Changes

Producing items in the game is much more enticing since the Tree of Wishes, Bear Jelly Trains, and Trade Harbor have been buffed and now give more rewards than before.

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  • Tree of Wishes now gives more EXP Jellies for each Daily Reward Chest.
  • The Bear Jelly Train has stopped giving Kingdom EXP as a reward and now can give Time Jumpers and Radiant Shards instead. The amount of topping pieces and rare items you can receive from the train has also been increased.
  • Trade Harbor now gives more coins, as well as Caramel Spyglasses and Map Fragments.

New Levels for Production Buildings

The maximum levels for certain production buildings have been increased.

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  • The Jammery can now be leveled up to Level 7, and players can craft Jellybean Jam and Sweet Jelly Jam in bulk (5 pieces each), instead of queueing the items individually.
  • The Carpentry can now be leveled up to Level 5, and players can now craft Pinecone Birdy Toys in bulk, for 5 items at a time.
  • The Jampie Diner can now be leveled up to Level 7, and players can now cook Hote Jelly Stew in bulk, for 5 items at a time.

Upgrading a production building now gives you extra items upon completion, which depends on the level you upgraded it to. For example, finishing a Level 6 Jampie Diner upgrade gives you three Jellybean Steaks! Additionally, the new update gave a handful of rewards based on the current production buildings you already had leveled before the Cookie Run: Kingdom 11th August Update.

What are your thoughts about the Cookie Run: Kingdom 11th August Update? Let us know your opinions in the comments below!

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