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Cookie Run: Kingdom Version 4.16 update “Dawn of the Dragon” is set to release on January 6th, 2024

Year of the Dragon is here in 2024!

Cookie Run: Kingdom is set to release the new Version 4.16 update “Dawn of the Dragon” on January 6th, 2024. The update will be available after maintenance which will be held around 14:00 to 19:00 (GMT +9). The new update celebrates the new year of 2024 which is the Year of the Dragon in Chinese culture. Let’s take a look at the list of new features coming with the January 6th update! ​

Some portions of this update’s content may change before its release. The finalized changes will be available in the patch notes once the update is complete. As it is, the new update will be filled with new content such as new Cookies, New Episodes, Limited Events, ToppingsTreasures, QoL updates, and more!

  • Rarity: Epic
  • Type: Ambush
  • Position: Front

Beware greedy Cookies! Rebel Cookie has arrived in the Cookie Kingdom, and he won’t stand for injustice! Rebel Cookie is an Ambush Cookie who uses the skill, “Here, There, Everywhere!”

Skill description: Rebel Cookie uses his magic, decreasing the enemies’ DEF, making them more vulnerable to all types of damage, and dealing damage. Enemies with decreased DEF will receive additional damage.

Cookie Run Kingdom Rebel Cookie
Image via Devsisters

Rebel Cookie will increase the allies’ CRIT% and provide an HP Shield for them, blocking damage equal to a portion of the damage he has dealt. After finishing using his skill, he will create 2 decoys that will Push enemies back with each Regular Attack. The decoys have several Hits instead of HP. While Rebel Cookie is using his skill, he will briefly become resistant to interrupting effects.

The mighty forest keeper is here to protect the woods!Pinecone Cookie will protect the trees with the power of their new Magic Candy!

Pinecone Cookie Magic Candy
Image via Devsisters
  • Skill name: Snowy Forest
  • Skill description: Thanks to the piled-up snow, Pinecone Cookie will have their DEF, DMG Resist, and ATK SPD debuff Resist increased while on the Tree Golem. After getting off the Tree Golem, Pinecone Cookie will gain an HP Shield with HP equal to a portion of their Max HP.

I will only kneel before the Divines!Financier Cookie’s discipline and unwavering faith make her Magic Candy even stronger!

Financier Cookie Magic Candy
Image via Devsisters
  • Skill name: Paladin’s Devotion
  • Skill description: The devoted Paladin protects one of the Cookies from the team, increasing their DMG Resist, CRIT Resist, and providing Debuff Immunity. Financier Cookie will also heal the entire team’s HP equal to a portion of her DEF and increase DMG Resist.

Let’s start the parade…Cream Unicorn Cookie’s Magic Candy is resonating with Cookie laughter and happy memories!

Cream Unicorn Cookie Magic Candy
Image via Devsisters
  • Skill name: Dreamy Blue Flame
  • Skill description: The Blue Flame deals damage to the enemies, causing Burn, and heals allies for a portion of the damage dealt.

It’s CAPTAIN Caviar Cookie to the likes of you!Captain Caviar Cookie is even stronger with his sea-salty Magic Candy! Who can best his Salty Shark crew?!

Captain Caviar Cookie Magic Candy
Image via Devsisters
  • Skill name: Black Shark Torpedo Mk.2
  • Skill description: The improved Black Shark Torpedoes target the nearest enemies (Cookies first) one by one and cause a chain of explosions. All types of damage caused by this skill can bypass the enemy’s DMG Resist. Captain Caviar Cookie will additionally decrease incoming Reflected DMG for himself.

Magic Candies Galore

Cookie Run Kingdom Version 4.16 update
Image via Devsisters

A special event is here to celebrate four new Magic Candies! Complete missions, and upgrade Magic Candies with Magic Laboratory speed-up buffs and various rewards!

Lucky Pouches

Cookie Run Kingdom Version 4.16 update
Image via Devsisters

Open lucky pouches and have a bountiful start to a new year! You can open lucky pouches with lucky points! Earn them by completing various missions! There is a limit to the number of daily attempts.

  • The Lost Golden City album is added to the Kingdom’s Music Hall.
  • Goddess of Eternal Gold album is added to the Kingdom’s Music Hall.

That was all about the Cookie Run Kingdom Version 4.16 update.

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