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Cookie Run: Kingdom x BTS collaboration introduces the Braver Together update

Enjoy an Exclusive Concert by BTS Cookies!

The most recent update for Cookie Run: Kingdom, Braver Together, an in-game collaboration with 21st-century pop icons BTS, was made public by Devsisters. Over 3.3 million people have pre-registered for the partnership so far. Braver Together brings fans together and offers a carefully crafted and pleasurable experience for both fan communities. It is inspired by the shared values of the Cookie Run series and BTS.

BTS members will perform in the Cookie Kingdom while dressing up as their own Cookies during the event. The seven BTS members (RM, Jin, SUGA, j-hope, Jimin, V, and Jung Kook) were presented to fans worldwide in the lead-up to the cooperation in-game, and brief videos of their voice recording sessions were posted on social media and enthusiastically received by fans everywhere.

Cookies classified as the brand-new “BTS” class are a unique rarity known as BTS Cookies. BTS cookies can interact with the environment, take things away, enter production facilities, and embark on Bear Jelly Balloon adventures just like every other cookie in the kingdom. They can take part in the kingdom arena, guild wars, friendly fights, and world exploration. Fans can now interact with the BTS Cookies in a variety of fun, new ways, including:

  • BTS Costumes – There are 21 new costumes inspired by BTS members’ outfits from the group’s iconic music videos “Butter,” ‘MIC Drop,” and “Permission to Dance.” 
  • BTS Decor – Players can earn normal decor, including easter eggs that can be acquired from clearing various missions and real photocard decor, where users can unlock eight photo cards by promoting each BTS Cookie to five stars. After collecting all seven members’ photocards, users will be gifted a framed group photo. 
  • Trailer Upgrades – BTS has its trailer in the Kingdom specifically for upgrading and promoting the BTS Cookies. The trailer will be filled with decorations and become a more comfortable space for the BTS Cookies as players continue to upgrade and promote them. Fans can also check the status of their BTS Cookies, costumes, and decor collections through the trailer.

The update also adds a host of new and exclusive events, including: 

  • Rhythm Stage – BTS Cookies can participate in rhythm games for six BTS songs and experience a ticket book event for clearing Rhythm Stage missions.
    • Rhythm Run Mode – Players must dodge obstacles and collect ARMY BOMBs in this running game. 
    • Performance Mode – Players will have to tap notes in rhythm as they slide toward the bottom and work together with Kingdom Cookies to defeat enemies trying to ruin the concert. 
  • ARMY BOMB Mission – After clearing missions, fans earn ARMY BOMBs that they can use in the special BTS gacha. 
  • Stamp Event – Fans will win a special “Purple Stage” for BTS Cookies to perform when they collect all the stamps acquired by placing collaboration decors and having BTS members interact with them. 
  • Special Stories – As players progress through the collaboration, they will be able to view cutscenes and stories behind BTS members’ Cookie Kingdoms.
BTS Cookie Run: Kingdom collaboration
Image via Devsisters

Additional Information on BTS x Cookie Run: Kingdom collaboration can be found on Cookie Run: Kingdom’s official Twitter account.

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