CRL West 2019 fifth week: Leaderboards, Highlights and more

The fifth week of CRL West 2019 ended a couple of days ago! With the new season and the new balance changes, we saw a little shift into the meta! Let’s jump into it and take a look at the highlights of this fifth weekend.

Saturday, October 12th: Ninth day of CRL West 2019

The matches of this ninth day of the competition were really interesting! Let’s take a look at the schedule down below:

match schedule 1

This time, Cream eSports and Dignitas played twice. Their first match went in a 2-1 for Cream. Then, Pain Gaming VS FNATIC ended up being a 2-1 for FNATIC. Complexity VS Misfits Gaming was a 2-0 for Complexity. Later, Team Queso beat Immortals 2-1, while NRG eSports lost 2-0 against SK Gaming. Tribe Gaming VS Dignitas was a 2-1 for Tribe. Finally, Team Liquid VS Cream eSports was a 2-0 for Liquid.

With the new balance changes being live since the start of the season, the players started experimenting a bit more with their decks! The meta stayed more or less the same, with a lot of Royal Giants and Fishermen still. Though, we saw a few Wall Breakers and Witches here and there! These two cards are now considered some of the best in the entire game, so we expect even more of them in the next week!

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Sunday, October 13th: Tenth day of CRL 2019

The matches of the second day of this week-end were kind of interesting as well. Let’s take a look at what the schedule looked like:

match schedule 2

This time, all the teams played once. SK Gaming VS Misfits Gaming went in a 2-0 for SK. Immortals VS Pain Gaming was a 2-1 victory for Pain. Tribe Gaming beat Complexity in an overwhelming 2-0, while FNATIC beat Dignitas with a 2-0 as well. Then, Team Liquid surprisingly lost 2-0 against Team Queso! Finally, Cream eSports VS NRG Gaming ended up being a 2-0 for NRG.

As you can see, SK Gaming seems to be doing extremely good this season of CRL West! They’re now 10-0, meaning that they never lost a single match yet! In second place on the leaderboard, we have Team Queso with a 7-3, tied with Team Liquid. Do you think that SK would keep their streak alive? Or will one of the other teams rise?

Anyway, that’s what the standings look like:

crl west 2019 standings

This is it for this CRL West 2019 fifth week! Who do you think will be getting the lead in the next matches?

Do you want to keep see news about Clash Royale? If so, make sure to follow GamingonPhone on Facebook and Twitter! That being said, we’ll see you in the arena!

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