Dead Cells introduces its Break the Bank update on both Android and iOS

Break the Bank update is going to be free for the players!

The chest has been opened in the brand-new Dead Cells free update, with the balancing updates, Break the Bank, Breaking Barriers, and Enter the Panchaku, which is now accessible on both iOS and Android. But that’s not all, Dead Cells will also launch on Apple Arcade on December 2 with all of its DLCs included and a brand-new scoreboard!

Spend gold to unlock new mutations and weapons in Dead Cells Break the Bank update

With the free Break the Bank update, you may now spend the gold you valiantly earned throughout your journey to unlock new mutations and weaponry. But everything has a cost, so players will have to gamble with their savings to acquire powerful but challenging results. They must enter the bank to take out a loan in exchange for gold, then engage in combat with their foes to repay the debt before the game finishes.

However, players need to take caution because they have the means to steal a player’s money. Will the Midas touch provide the players with success and enable them to pull off the heist?

Players can modify graphics and features to enjoy Dead Cells to the fullest

But that’s not all, thanks to the Breaking Barriers accessibility upgrade, Dead Cells now accommodates a larger spectrum of demands. The game’s graphics and features may be modified now and all players can enjoy Dead Cells to their fullest.

Last but not least, Players can enter the Panchaku which introduces several balancing updates with damage buffs and clever new weapon interactions. Players will be able to stun enemies with the Cudgel’s parried shots or deal more damage with your dependable Gilded Yumi. Fans of the Queen and the Sea handbook will also launch their attacks much more quickly!

How much are you excited about the Break the Bank update in Dead Cells? Let us know in the comment section below!

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