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Demian Saga brings Japanese voice-over and a new hero in its May 2023 update

New Agility-type SSR Hero “Gekkou”!

The mobile action RPG Demian Saga from the game developer HAEGIN brings a new SSR Hero named Gekkou and a Japanese voice-over with its latest May 2023 update.

Due to rising demand after the game’s release, the Japanese voice-over was included. With this version, Japanese voice-over has been added and is now accessible through the game’s options menu.

Demian Saga introduces a new SSR hero, Gekkou, and two new events with the latest update

The new character Gekkou is an Agility-type Hero from Akeroth who works as a courtesan for Heng’e, the owner of the Silver Moon Palace. While on a mission for her lord, Gekkou is traveling through the Night Realm when she encounters Aisha and Jaden, the main characters of the Demian Saga.

Gekkou is a lovely little girl who starts the battle by disorganizing the opposition team’s formation while simultaneously wielding two enormous flails. She can sneak around and use her Moonlight Trance ability to take down foes. Last but not least, she can utilize her ultimate Moonquake talent to flip the script by damaging every enemy and reducing their ultimate energy.

In addition, as of this update, the second world of the Night Realm, content where players can get several growth ingredients, is revealed. The abject darkness is hidden in the Night Realm, a reality produced by temporal dilation. The default Adventure Mode includes a similar arrangement of worlds, chapters, and stages; however, this mode boasts a far higher degree of difficulty and only allows replaying each stage once. The player will, however, be rewarded handsomely if they pass each stage, including with Gold, EXP, SSR Hero Shards, Skill Powder, and other items.

Two new events will be held in conjunction with the update to mark the debut of the new hero through June 7th. Players can obtain the SSR Hero Gekkou during the Gekkou Pickup Event via the Recruitment menu, and during the Check-in Event, players will receive a variety of in-game rewards. Players can visit the official Facebook for more information on the mobile RPG Demian Saga or the new character Gekkou.

Are you excited about the May 2023 update in Demian Saga? Let us know in the comment section below!

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