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Demian Saga Beginners Guide and Tips

The ultimate guide for your adventures!

Demian Saga is a recent action RPG by HAEGIN which takes the players on an Anime-themed journey that promises to offer unpredictable action and adventure. The game offers an ample amount of challenges along with features for players to make use of, thus raising the complexity one might face in the early phases of the game. There is an impressive roster of characters in the game along with a well-detailed summoning system through which players could get them. In this Demian Saga Beginners Guide, we will try and list out the tips necessary for new players to succeed in the game.

Demian Saga Gameplay Basics

The game mechanics of the game, Demian Saga are not very hard to understand for new players as they make use of traditional RPG gaming features. The game takes control of the gameplay itself and thus, it doesn’t allow for many player-induced actions, the only aspect of the game that players can control is when powers are used.

Demian Saga Beginners Guide, Demian Saga
Image via HAEGIN

Being an RPG it offers many characters in the game which players can choose to select from. Each character offers unique abilities hence it maximizes the input and roles of players by choosing the right power at the right time.

Each character in the game has a gauge meter directly proportional to their ability to cast special attacks. Special attacks differ from character to character, however, the requirement to cast these attacks remains the same for every character. Once the gauge is full the character is available to cast the special attack.

Mastering Team management for effective character utilization

Now to make the team management and individual character statistic even more special, each character in the game is assigned a nation of its own. If the players are able to cast a team of individual characters, from the same countries as their nation, they would get a National Chemistry perk.

This perk allows players to maximize the statistics of the characters they possess. Depending upon the character’s role, the primary attribute such as the attack and defense of the character might get a boost along with a complementary boost on the HP stats.

Demian Saga Beginners Guide, Demian Saga
Image via HAEGIN

The game has a very detailed list of countries that have different relations with different ones, even if the characters are not from similar countries if they hail from countries friendly with other countries they still will get the boost. Contrary to this, having characters from countries hostile to each other would result in weaker team chemistry and would not give any perks.

As per the game, there are 5 major countries from which the characters hail and the following are the countries friendly with each other:

Country Name Friendly Hostile
EverwoodAkeroth and ElysionPoseia and Gigantria
PoseiaAkeroth and GigantriaEverwood and Elysion
ElysionEverwood and GigantriaPoseia and Akeroth 
GigantriaPoseia and ElysionAkeroth and Everwood
AkerothEverwood and PoseiaElysion and Gigantria
Country Affiliations in Demian Saga

Understanding the in-game Summoning system

The game has a robust summoning system in place for players to recruit new heroes in the game with the help of in-game currency. Being a Gacha game, Demian Saga allows the players to choose their pick from different sets of characters in the game, do check out our characters’ tier list to know ow which are the better players in the game. In this, we will just discuss how summoning actually works in the game.

Generally, the lower the tier of the character the higher the chances for players to land that character. However, in case of special events, special pulls are given, for example when players will complete the first sequence of quests in the game they will be provided with an SSR tier pull, which would give them a guaranteed 5-star character early on.

Image via HAEGIN

As the game progresses down the line in many instances these special pulls are provided by the game, apart from these pulls the whole system is based on luck, and pulls depend on pure luck. SSR characters have just a 4% probability of making it in a random pull while regular cards have a massive 50% Probability of being summoned in a pull. This makes the whole process rather not so profitable but still it’s worth the risk.

Demian Saga Resource Management Guide

Gacha games are known for their extensive availability of different currencies present in the game. In Demian Saga, there are many currencies in the game, however, most of them are just used as currencies for banners. Overall in the game, there are just 3 major ones, which have importance outside of character banners. Following are the three major currencies that can be found in the game, Rum, Gems, and Gold.

1. Rum

Rum can be seen as the stamina equivalent of the game as it provides the capability of players to get more resources by doing more missions in the game. The best part of this currency is the fact that it regenerates through itself hence not much player interference is needed.

However if players look forward to doing more missions than what their daily limit of Rum would allow, they can always buy more Rum in exchange for in-game crystals. Overall, the currency regenerates up to 20 points on itself. Which is more than enough to complete one sequence of memory in the game.

2. Gold

The currency is mostly used on upgrades whether for the character or their equipment, hence for character progression gold is probably the most useful currency in the game. Given the vast amount of uses, Gold is a relatively easily available currency in the game.

It can be collected through regular missions and timed weekly and daily quests. Duplicate items and downgraded items can also be sometimes exchanged for a good quantity of gold coins in the game.

3. Gems

Coming to Gems, we can add that these are highly coveted currencies in the game and probably the most useful ones as well. They are directly used for recruiting characters through the summoning system. The problem lies in collecting them as they are very hard to be collected in the game. Gems have multiple uses and they can be used to summon powerful heroes.

They can also be used for purchasing other currencies such as Rum and Gold. As players would progress deep in the storyline they will get their hands upon many gems by completing missions. However, the best and easiest way to collect gems in the game has to be by completing daily and weekly quests.

Demian Saga Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

After investing multiple hours in the game, we have come across the following tips for the players in our Demian Saga Beginners Guide to make their journey easier.

1. Time the power attacks right

As stated before the game doesn’t let players control the combat system too much, the only aspect of the combat system in control of the players is when special powers are used. However, the game offers many characters for the players to choose and with each character comes different powers. Some powers also have after-effects such as stun, fire damage, and poison damage, hence it becomes necessary for players to strategize before making use of these powers.

Demian Saga Beginners Guide, Demian Saga
Image via HAEGIN

It is highly advisable to not use the powers of all the characters at once because as stated before, the game doesn’t let players control the gameplay. Hence it can lead to more than 2 characters targeting the same enemy, leading to powers not being fully utilized. Hence it will always be advisable to time the attacks right by using one power at a time.

2. Remember to collect a Free Package daily

The game offers endless adventure as you form and take your Pirate crew on numerous adventures in a bid to collect resources and wealth. However, these adventures require resources and top-quality gear themselves to be successful ventures. Free rewards can be collected daily by players from the shop, it contains valuable currency and resources needed to complete the missions in the game.

Demian Saga Beginners Guide, Demian Saga
Image via HAEGIN

Players can expect currency like Rum and Gold from these drops along with some basic tier 1 equipment to equip with the existing characters. In very rare instances players can also expect 2-star regular character cards from the drop.

3. Exchange Gems for better equipment

Gems are single-handedly the most useful resources you can amass in the game. One of the major reasons for it being the game’s best resource is the fact that it can be used in so many different manners. It is used to purchase other currencies like Gold and Rum in the game, and it is also used as the basic currency for summoning new powerful characters in the game. Along with the uses stated before gems can also be exchanged for top-tier gear in the game.

Exchange Demian Saga
Image via HAEGIN

There is a special section in the shop where gems can be used to purchase quality gear in the game which can very likely make a difference while battling top-tier enemies. The difficult part comes when collecting these gems, being so useful they are quite exclusive in the game and can be collected via different quests and challenges in the game.

4. Partake in different sets of quests to maximize your rewards

There are plenty of quests in the game that add additional adventures on which the players can take their pirate crew on. These quests present the opportunity for the fans to have additional resources and rewards at their disposal in the game. Being a Pirate game resources do play a vital role progression of the main storyline, hence these quests can prove themselves to be a great supplement to the main storyline.

Demian Saga Beginners Guide, Demian Saga
Image via HAEGIN

The quests are divided into two categories, challenges, and Fame Quests. Challenges are timed events that should be completed within a certain time span. Fame quests are additional missions that can be completed according to the player’s own accord. Both events can help players get exclusive rewards upon completion.

5. Maximize your resources through treasure hunts

Treasure hunt is a special section of the game where players get 3 chances of choosing their rewards from 25 possible tiles in the game. It’s a puzzle where some tiles have rewards while some don’t, players are expected to test their luck and randomly select 3 tiles out of 25 in a bid to get as many rewards as possible.

Resources in Demian Saga
Image via HAEGIN

Treasure hunts have resources like Rum, Gold, and battle equipment for the offer, given that players can get their hands on them.

Final Thoughts

The game, Demian Saga offers a very unique RPG experience where players can experience and enjoy the battle from different perspectives of characters. The game offers great visuals as well which support the gameplay very well, overall the game is very balanced and greatly optimized. We hope that with our Demian Saga Beginners Guide, we were able to do this game justice and break down the basics for new players venturing out into the game for the first time.

That’s all from us for Demian Saga Beginners Guide! Did you find this Demian Saga Beginners Guide useful? Let us know in the comments below!

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