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Disgaea RPG server rollback causes some players to lose progress

Servers were kept alive while fixing, causing a catastrophy!

Disgaea RPG a new mobile RPG strategy game by Boltrend Games is finally out for the Global community, available for both Andriod and iOS devices. It is a new free-to-play take on the popular Disgaea series that has had many entries arrive in the past across consoles, PC and even mobile devices. Earlier today, there were some server issues in the Disgaea server, but not much of a concern as many players have already reported connection problems from the very launch itself. But soon a handful of players started getting strange error messages, and soon it was found that the game developers were trying a hotfix which pretty much messed up Disgaea causing a catastrophic server rollback and reset.

Players lost hours of grinding due to server rollback

The entire mess started because the game developers wanted to fix some issues without announcing maintenance and hoped to get it done with the server being live, some more issues came up and a rollback was done while the players were still playing the game unaware of what happening, which resulted in a data loss in order to fix this, a second rollback was done to restore the progress, and those that got caught between first rollback and second rollback essentially lost all of their progress. Server issues started from this time period 2:08 (UTC-4) to 2:35 (UTC-4). During the 30 min period between first and second rollback, new accounts and older accounts’ progress was completely erased, and many players got kicked out of the game with an error message.

The compensation plan from the devs

Game developers did act quickly to fix the issues as much as they could and compensate the players with Nether Quartz, however, some stuff like Prinnies and Etnas were lost, along with some more in-game items. Pinnies are very rare and losing even one can hamper progress in the game but still, there is no announcement from game developers on this. Any in-game currency purchase should get restored eventually, and if not send a ticket to the customer service, they will sort it out. All the Nether Quartz used in summoning will also get restored, so if you pulled a good four-star then you won’t have them anymore. They characterized the specific data lost into four categories:

  1. One will have to create a new account if he/she created a Disgaea account during the period.
  2. The top-ups will be delayed to appear in the player’s accounts, but we have the log in the backend and our customer service is currently distributing them. It will be notified once all distribution and work are over, and if things are still not in order, players are requested to reach out for further investigation and help.
  3. All the purchases made by Nether Quartz are invalid and as such, they will be refunded. It might take time but the dev will notify the community once the process is completed.
  4. All other gameplays are wiped out during the period.
Compensation for Disgaea server reset rollback
Compensation for Disgaea server reset rollback

Additionally, as a part of the compensation plan, Boltrend Games plans to offer the following compensation on the following days.

16th April, 06:00 (UTC-4)Nether Quartz x 3000, AP potion x 5
17th April, 06:00 (UTC-4)Nether Quartz x 1500
18th April, 06:00 (UTC-4)Nether Quartz x 1500

The game developers made a very big mistake by trying to fix game issues while the server was live, which resulted in things as they are now, they could’ve announced maintenance to get everything good on their side, but they didn’t do so. At the end of things they did try to fix it as soon as possible and have provides good compensation to those affected, so why not give them a second chance.

How bad were you affected by the Disgaea RPG server reset and rollback issue? Are you satisfied with the compensation offered Do let us know in the comments below!

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