Dorian acquires Nix Hydra, an interactive fiction company and its flagship titles

Big, bold changes coming to the landscape of how content is created and consumed!

Dorian, a social storytelling platform, today revealed that it had acquired Nix Hydra Games, including their two most popular games, Fictif and The Arcana: A Mystic Romance. The growth of Dorian’s ground-breaking creator platform, which embraces the new and evolving entertainment landscape by linking fans and independent artists to well-known IPs, monetization tools, and code-free creation tools, will be accelerated by this acquisition. With the addition of new employees and Nix Hydra members, the company has also grown its partnerships, technology, and community teams.

Similar to Dorian, Nix Hydra was started by a woman and has seen more than six million people download its apps. Its mission is to use games and interactive storytelling to empower disadvantaged communities.

Otome game, comic, and webtoon fans have created thriving fandoms for both Fictif and Arcana, which stand out for their rich storytelling and eye-catching art. Combined, Fictif and The Arcana contain more than 300 exceptional episodes with distinctive and cherished artwork.

Dorian will upload these episodes from Fictif, an anthology app that houses a number of well-liked IPs, and Arcana to their platform. It will also collaborate with Nix Hydra’s very active fan base to expand the canon and examine new character interactions. Now, those fans and Dorian’s vast audience will be able to use the gorgeous and famous graphics and narrative from the original IPs to create fan fiction and spin-off stories in addition to being able to access Nix Hydra’s games on Dorian.

Dorian offers unique game monetization features

The platform offers code-free creation in addition to game monetization capabilities that are unheard of elsewhere in the creator economy, such as complete access to game performance data and quick iteration tools – all of which are instantaneously accessible to everyone who joins.

The Arcana
The Arcana (Image via Dorian)

Additionally, Dorian’s distinctive live streaming feature allows creators the ability to market their works, expand their fan bases, and get in touch with the audience members most likely to support them. Dorian will make it possible for the enormous cosplay community of the Arcana (which has 300+ million views on TikTok) to roleplay iconic characters live while making decisions with other fans thanks to the incorporation of Nix Hydra IPs.

Dorian expands its team with some world-class executives

The company has added world-class executives with experience at some of the top creator platforms and gaming companies to the team in order to guide Dorian’s growth and enable the millions of non-technical fiction and comics writers to turn their works into games and monetize them.

The Nix Hydra team’s community manager Alex Danino and lead artist Gabriella Rossetti, who will be key in the integration of Fictif and Arcana, will also be joining Dorian. Dorian is in a great position to carry out its vision: to redefine the landscape of game creation and live streaming for new audiences that have hitherto been excluded from the gaming industry. They have a well-seasoned team in place and a strong new IP to ignite engagement.

What are your thoughts on Dorian having now acquired Nix Hydra and its flagship titles? Let us know in the comments below!

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